What is “Womens Portraiture”? Womens portraiture is authentic, beautiful, sexy, vivid, and wonderfully, perfectly YOU. Womens portraiture is about celebrating who you are and how you feel inside. It’s about embracing our bodies and relaxing our minds. Being completely open and present, and allowing yourself to LOVE who you are. 100% Self Love. Authentic. Passionate. Fierce.

Boudoir, Glamour, Portraiture.

They all share one thing. You. Whether you want to bare it all and roll around in a fresh white sheet, or wear a glamorous dress to celebrate a milestone in your life, or even rock a costume and get creative. It’s about expressing how you feel at that very moment, and saving it forever. No matter your size, your shape, your age… You are beautiful, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.


How does a session typically go?

  • We discuss your vision for your session: This means we will go over what outfits you should bring, I suggest bringing 4 or 5, and then I lay them out and select the very best 3 based on your body type, color, style, etc. I suggest 2 pieces of lingerie, 1 comfy outfit, 1 body suit, and 1 costume. Something comfy can be tall sports socks with an oversized sweatshirt or perhaps just a flannel blanket to wrap up in or even a plush robe. A costume can be a your partners work shirt, fireman pants, a masquerade mask for example. Body suits, believe it or not look FANTASTIC on everyone. They elongate the arms, the legs, and slim you in just the right spots showcasing all of your amazing curves! Be proud of your curves!
  • Hair & Makeup at your session: I work exclusively with Mia Crivaro of Creations by Mia. Not only is she a good friend of mine, but she is one of the TOP in the industry! She is amazingly kind, and does one hell of a job making women feel sexy. She ask’s you want you like, what your style is, how you want to feel, but more importantly understand that with every outfit change, there may be a lip color change. She sticks around during the session and helps fluff hair, and make any touchups that are needed. I would be lost without her. She’s my rock!
  • Time to photograph: When your hair and makeup are completed, it’s time to photograph. Do not be nervous! You are not a model, and I don’t expect you to know what to do. That’s why you’ve come to me. You trust my skill to pose and guide you into the best positions and to help you feel comfortable. It’s not easy stepping in front of the camera, but with my help and guidance, you will walk away feeling like a top model! Confidence will be boosted and you will be high on life! Promise!
  • Hotel setting: Your boudoir session will take place in a luxury hotel setting. I bring in lighting, and fabric to help make the “set” creative. However, these suites are gorgeous and ready for us to start photographing. I only book in casino’s in Atlantic City because I trust their safety and love the experience of feeling pampered! You will too!
  • Portrait reveal & ordering: After your session, feel free to relax in the living room of the hotel suite, I will roughly prep your images for you to see, and you will select which images you would like to purchase, or if an album or brag book has been included in your session, you may select those now. It’s fun seeing your images right after your session, and you get your products back faster this way. Also, I do not share boudoir images online  via galleries for the safety and security of your images. These photos are personal, and they shouldn’t be online for people to take.
  • Full editing and retouching: I want you to remember that you are beautiful. However, sometimes we get a zit, and that zit just wasn’t invited. I will digitally remove anything that will not be on your body after a week passes. I get asked all the time to “shave off some weight” or “make me skinnier”, and although I am fully able to do that, I choose not to, because I want to promote self love. Digitally shedding pounds will not boost yourself esteem, but my expert posing and lighting will, because you are seeing who you are, a beautiful woman who is proud of who she is!
  • Delivery of products: You will receive your ordered products in the mail via priority shipping, wrapped up in an adorable care package. I try to deliver your products in the most adorable package because, well, it’s special and you deserve to open something fun! Who doesn’t get excited for fun packages? I know I do! <3

To book your Boudoir, Glamour or Portrait Session… email


harry potter boudoir, galloway nj, bokeh love photography, new jersey boudoir, atlantic city boudoir, themed boudoir

Womens portraiture, bokeh love photography, galloway, atlantic city, absecon

harry potter boudoir, galloway nj, bokeh love photography, new jersey boudoir, atlantic city boudoir, themed boudoir

portraiture, bokeh love photography, galloway, atlantic city, absecon

harry potter boudoir, galloway nj, bokeh love photography, new jersey boudoir, atlantic city boudoir, themed boudoir

portraiture, bokeh love photography, galloway, atlantic city, absecon

harry potter boudoir, galloway nj, bokeh love photography, new jersey boudoir, atlantic city boudoir, themed boudoir

harry potter boudoir, galloway nj, bokeh love photography, new jersey boudoir, atlantic city boudoir, themed boudoir
harry potter boudoir, galloway nj, bokeh love photography, new jersey boudoir, atlantic city boudoir, themed boudoir
harry potter boudoir, galloway nj, bokeh love photography, new jersey boudoir, atlantic city boudoir, themed boudoir


January 26, 2017

Womens Portraiture | Galloway, NJ

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We are at it again! We loved hosting the Atlantic City Boudoir Marathon SO MUCH, we decided to bring it back! Only this time, in addition to boudoir, we are also offering glamour! What does that mean exactly? Oh, I am so beyond excited to tell you! Glamour means, beauty, it means feeling amazing about yourself. If you aren’t quite ready to show off your bod in lingerie or a robe, bring some fancy clothes, a ball gown perhaps! Whatever makes YOU feel beautiful. You will have the most gorgeous images captured of yourself, to show off to friends, family, and your loved ones. Why not indulge and have your hair and makeup done and document this experience? Go for it! You will NOT be sorry!

galloway new jersey boudoir photographer, bokeh love photography

Sessions are being held in the most amazing suite in Atlantic City at The Golden Nugget and will include hair and makeup by the most amazing MUA in the industry, Mia Crivaro of Creations by Mia! She is the absolute best, and I use her exclusively for all of my clients.

Things are being done a little bit differently this year, and we think you’re going to love it!

Here’s the scoop!

We will have gorgeous products on display and available for order at your session. I’m talking little black books, folio’s, and matted prints! You’re going to want to see these! We are big on products, and want you to get your images printed! Albums start at $400, and we do offer payment plans on all orders. Your images will be ready 2 weeks after your session to come in to our studio to view and order your images. We will help you through this entire process and make it an amazing experience for you. This sort of thing should not be difficult, thats why we are offering our full service studio experience, complete with bites and refreshments.

So what are you waiting for? Time to book your Atlantic City Boudoir Marathon with Bokeh Love Photography today!

galloway new jersey boudoir photographer, bokeh love photography

Session fee:

Times Available:
5:40, 6:30, 7:00, 7:40, 8:20, 9:00

Interested? Of course you are! Click here to reserve your session or send an email to to ask any questions you may have!

Check out some gorgeous photos from our last session!

Galloway Boudoir Photographer, Bokeh Love Photography
Galloway Boudoir Photographer, Bokeh Love Photography
Galloway Boudoir Photographer, Bokeh Love Photography

November 3, 2015

Atlantic City Boudoir Marathon


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It’s easy to say that you will never take boudoir photos. It’s a scary thing, to get in front of the camera, and shed your clothing. I know, because I’ve been there. I decided to get in front of the camera last year, at my summer boudoir marathons. It was scary; I will not lie to you. After a few minutes, I started to see a change in myself. I felt good, I felt empowered, I felt free. It was finally me being myself, and being proud of myself for doing something I would never do. I started out doing this for my husband, thinking he would love this! It soon became something I wanted to do FOR ME! I needed a self-esteem boost, after having two kids; I didn’t think my body was, ya know, where it should be. I couldn’t believe how happy I was with my body, with myself, and how proud and excited I was to show my husband the photos. He loved them, of course, but I wasn’t even afraid to show him, because I was pleased with how I looked.

I want to take you all through a walkthrough of how these sessions are. In the past, I go above and beyond to get these amazing suites. I booked the sessions an hour apart, to give ample time for hair, makeup, and privacy. This boudoir marathon I am going to show you was at the Showboat just before it closed. I knew I had to book this amazing suite, because it would cease to exist, had I not booked it! It was called, the House of Blues Suite! It was majestic, fabulous, dark, and romantic. It wasn’t like my other boudoir marathons were – bright and airy. It was definitely different, but I loved the mood it was giving the photos.


I of course, take care of my clients, and had gifts and cookies prepared for them! (and some pink champagne to loosen up the nerves) The cookies (so delicious) were designed and baked by the fabulous Flourish! You can find Flourish on Facebook, InstaGram and Etsy if you’d like to have your own fabulous cookies custom designed for you!




Upon entering there was a gorgeous sitting area where hair and makeup was being done. Angela Campanale did hair and Kiara Upsher did makeup. They are both seriously, the sweetest! Angela works at a local hair salon and is AMAZING and Kiara owns her own cosmetic business so everything she puts on you is also for sale. She can even make you a custom foundation blend (just ask!) and all of her products are not tested on animals, and are super friendly for even the most sensitive of skin! (It’s also my makeup of choice, thanks for the hookup lady!) Check out Kiara Upsher on Facebook, InstaGram, and her online cosmetic store!


To start, I want to show off my own photos. I definitly broke out of my shell and opened up a lot! It was exilerating and I am so happy and proud to have these photos to show off (and give to my hubby)!




All of the women who came out were amazing! They had so much fun, and even came with friends! I encourage friends to tag along, and if they want a session or to jump in, make sure to pre book so we are prepared and you get the hair and makeup! Also, everyone who books, goes home with a goodie bag! It’s my special treat to end this night with something fun!







To see a preview of what is in store for next week’s boudoir marathon, click here!

There is still time to reserve your session, but hurry! Spots are booking up fast and I don’t want you to have to wait until next year!



January 5, 2015


boudoir, boudoir marathon, sexy photos, lingerie, groomsgift, valentines day, vday gift, professional boudoir photography, atlantic city boudoir, atlantic city photography, new year new me

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