Wedding Venues in Atlantic County, I have my favorites! Below is a list of my Top 10 Wedding Venues in Atlantic County and why I love each one.

10. The Funny Farm Rescue& Sanctuary in Mays Landing, NJ

Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary has created a home for unwanted farm animals, domesticated animals and animals with special needs to live out their natural lives. They also have the most amazing barn, for those wanting to celebrate their wedding or other event with them. They are a private 501(c)(3) Charity, and do not receive any type of federal or state funding. So having your event here helps the farm!  Check them out here: The Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary.

The Funny Farm Rescue& Sanctuary, Bokeh Love Photography, top 10 wedding venues in Atlantic county

9. Docks Oyster House in Atlantic City, NJ

One of my favorite venues is Dock’s Oyster House! Open since 1897in Atlantic City and still going! You may not think of it as a wedding venue, but they have an upstairs area that fits a small wedding reception perfectly! And the food is BEYOND DELICIOUS! You can check them out here: Dock’s Oyster House.

8. The Kathedral Event Center in Hammonton, NJ

A new up and coming mid-century, LGBTQ+  Family Owned masterpiece and hotspot, formally a church has been outfitted to meet your every need! This venue is by far the coolest I have ever seen! The built in sound system and the lighting is phenomenal. The Martinn, which is their attaches hotel has been designed perfectly with getting ready in mind. The Kathedral is perfect for any event looking to create their own show stopping wedding (or event)! I was blown away by the detail in the hotel room which made for amazing getting ready photos with the Bride in front of the most gorgeous baroque mirror I have ever laid my eyes on! Simply stunning and highly recommended! You can check them out here: The Katherdral Event Center. 

Bokeh Love Photography, The Kathedral Hammonton NJ, top 10 wedding venues in atlantic county

7. Linwood Country Club in Linwood, NJ

A truly unique setting, Linwood County Club, established in 1920 has been the site of many special events for over a century. They have a rich history, that has been enhanced over the years with the most amazing renovations that really set this venue apart from others in this area. They have a dramatic entry foyer and the most luxurious bridal suite I have ever laid my eyes on. Their freshly remodeled coasted chic ballroom can host 300 guests and the wall of glass windows actually folds open to create a stunning open air transition to the tented patio area! Their golf course is perfectly manicured and you can see the gorgeous view of the Atlantic City skyline, perfect for portraits! Check them out here: Linwood Country Club. 

6. Blue Heron Pines Golf Club in Egg Harbor City, NJ

A beautiful golf course by Ron Jaworski Golf and Ron Jaworski Weddings is such an amazing venue. The kind staff and gorgeous grounds makes for the perfect setting for your wedding! The beautiful white beams on the ceilings and floor to ceiling windows allow the light to kiss every square foot of the reception room. At night you can enjoy fire pits on the patio and view the most gorgeous sunset over the golf course! You can check them out here: Blue Heron Pines.

Top 10 wedding venues in Atlantic county, Blue heron Pines, Bokeh Love Photography

5. The Carriage house in Galloway, NJ

“Where Dreams Become Reality” as stated on their website, is 100% fact! Approaching The Carriage House, you are greeted by large southern pillars, gorgeous landscaping and a glorious lake with a fountain. Huge black shutters line every window. The symmetry is a photographers dream, and the entire venue is everything any couple could have ever wished for. From the fairytale staircase, to the huge 2nd story balcony, the magnificent getting ready suites to the decadent food, you will be in awe the moment you enter this lovely space. You can check them out here: The Carriage House. 


4. The Seaview, A Dolce Hotel in Galloway, NJ

“A Tradition of Golf & Gracious Hospitality” described The Seaview to a Tee! They have hosted golf champions, presidents, rock stars for over a century. They are minutes to Atlantic City. You can drive a golf cart to Reeds Bay overlooking Atlantic City for some beautiful wedding portraits. They are quietly tucked away on 670 scenic acres. Their ballrooms are stunning, the staff is lovely, and you will be blown away by the lush grounds and award winning cuisine! You can check them out here: The Seaview, A Dolce Hotel. 

Top 10 wedding venues in Atlantic county, The Seaview, A Dolce Hotel, Bokeh Love Photography

3. Atlantic City Country Club in Northfield, NJ

One of the most magnificent wedding venues in Atlantic County, The ACCC is nothing short of spectacular! They have a stunning skydeck, delicious culinary delights and an extraordinary staff! Their ivy wall is picture perfect. And the Atlantic City Skyline is quite the treat! They maintain a tradition of excellence that has spanned over 120 years! I love photographing weddings there and can not wait to visit again! Check them out here: Atlantic City Country Club. 

2. The Smithville Inn in Smithville, NJ

Accommodating up to 170 guests, with beautiful views of Lake Meone and the perfect spot to catch the golden glow of the sun setting over the treetops, this venue is one of my favorite. The rustic interior, beautiful gardens and cobblestone paths really bring this location to life. Check them out here: The Smithville Inn.

Top 10 wedding venues in Atlantic county, The Smithville Inn, Bokeh Love Photography

1. Renault Winery in Egg Harbor City, NJ

Beauty at every turn! Renault is one of those places that speaks to you. I had my bachelorette brunch here in 2014. I’ve come here as a kid. I’ve brought my own children here. And I continue to enjoy Renault as a wedding photographer today. Every time I visit, I find a new special spot for my couples,  near a tree or around the corner at a hidden doorway. I’ve even found a hidden mickey on the golf course! It is definitely my favorite venue and earns it’s spot on the Top 10 Wedding Venues in Atlantic County! I look forward to visiting here weekend after weekend! Check them out here: Renault Winery. 

Bokeh Love Photography, Renault Winery

Bokeh Love Photography, Renault Winery

Bokeh Love Photography, Renault Winery

Bokeh Love Photography, Renault Winery




Top Ten Tuesday

April 4, 2022

Top 10 Wedding Venues in Atlantic County

Bokeh Love Photography, Renault Winery, op 10 wedding venues in Atlantic county

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Christmas PJ sessions are my FAVORITE! So this year, we decided to set up a beautiful area in our studio dedicated to PJs! Below is a list of The Best PJs for 2020, in our opinion of course! We start the list with Hanna Anderson, and end it with GAP! We love seeing simple graphic prints, and kind of stray away from characters, but those can be super adorable! What’s your favorite style pajama?

The Best PJs for 2020

1. Hanna Anderson – Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton – $29-$35

Hanna Anderson PJs



















2. Maisonette – Petite Plume Forest Green Flannel Pajamas with Double Piping – $58

Maisonette Pjs















3. Primary – Organic pj’s in Fair Isle – $17.50

primary organic pjs




















4. The Company Store – Snug-Fit Company Oragnic Cotton Kids’ Pajama Set – DOG – $23

the company store organic pjs
















5. Little Sleepies – Fair Isle Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set – $32.99

little sleepies fair isle two piece bamboo viscose pajama set
















6. Boden – Twin Pack Long Pajamas – Forest Green Snowmen – $41.30

boden - twin pack long pajamas forest green showmen














7. Nordstrom – Books to Bed – “12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS” Organic Cotton fitted two-piece pajama & storybook set” – $55

nordstrom - books to bed kids






















8. GAP – Kids Holiday Car Graphic PJ Set – $35

GAP Kids holiday car pj set




















So there you have it! Here are The Best PJs for 2020, of course, curated me yours truly! I hope you love what I picked out and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! If you would like to book YOUR Christmas PJ session with me, click this link: BOOK NOW!

** All images in this blog post are copywrited by corresponding store. All stores are linked. To purchase any of the pajama’s above, please visit the stores linked!

December 4, 2020

The Best PJs for 2020

Hanna Anderson PJs

Family, Top Ten Tuesday

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Destination weddings are always fun! My top 3 destination weddings are anywhere tropical, but also laid back! Destination weddings do not have to be huge, extravagant events. However, sometimes they are! I have listed below a few of my favorite locations to photograph! If you are planning a destination wedding, and want to make sure you have a friend behind the camera, let’s chat!

Bokeh Love Photography Isabela Puerto Rico Villa Montana Beach Resort Destination Wedding Photographer

  1. Puerto Rico – The sun is hot, the air is steamy, the water is warm and the salt helps you float! Isabella, PR is where the locals like to vacation. Probably because it’s not tourist heavy, its absolutely gorgeous, and there is an amazing resort where you can get married with a private beach! Check out the venue here! And see more from this wedding on our blog!

    Bokeh Love Photography Destination Wedding Caribbean Wedding Royal Caribbean Cruise Wedding Destination Wedding Photographer

  2. The Caribbean – I photographed a wedding are a cruise ship, and they took us to a private island. It was absolutely stunning! The Caribbean is like no other place I have ever seen. The air smells great, the colors are so vibrant, the people are friendly, and nothing is better than walking around an island in your wedding dress taking beautiful portraits with the love of your life in paradise! See more of this wedding on our blog!

    Bokeh Love Photography Maine Destination Wedding Photographer Vow Renewal Couples Portraits Anniversary Photoshoot

  3. Maine – I feel like Maine is often overlooked, but it is an absolutely stunning place to renew your love for one another. Whether it is something quiet, or something announced, going away and hiring a photographer to come with you even to document an hour of your special time is worth all of the memories in the world! See more of this Anniversary Shoot on our blog!

Want to know my bucket list of destination locations? These are places I would LOVE to travel to:

  1. Tuscan, Arizona – I really love cactuses. Need I say more?
  2. Nantucket, Massachusetts – I dream of the cobblestone streets, lighthouses and houses with weathered shingles!
  3. Maui, Hawaii – Waterfalls, rainbows, white sandy beaches? It’s a tropical paradise!
  4. Florida Keys – Get that old Florida tropical vibe without leaving the states, I’m in!
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada – Elvis-impersonators and portraits in the lights? SO MUCH YAS!
  6. Bermuda – Pink sand beaches make me swoon so hard!
  7. Turks and Caicos – The colors here are so tranquil! I can just imagine a beautiful couple on the beach at sunset.
  8. Amalfi Coast, Italy – Seriously, just stunning. All of the architecture just draws me in!
  9. Ireland – So much greenery, stone buildings and winding paths. It’s ultimately romantic.
  10. New Zealand – Countryside like you’ve never seen before! (Or at least I haven’t)


Top Ten Tuesday

April 21, 2020

Top 3 Destination Weddings

Bokeh Love Photography Destination Wedding Caribbean Wedding Royal Caribbean Cruise Wedding Destination Wedding Photographer

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I am going to share with you all my Top 10 Wedding Registries! There are so many aspects that go along with planning your wedding. As a matter of fact, planning your registry is one of those things that just happens to be A LOT OF FUN! Did you know that you should actually have 2-4 registries? Always have at least one bigger store, and preferably one that is online, then two of your favorite little boutique stores. I am going to share my favorite 10 registries and maybe throw in some other fun things in the list that are great gift options as well! Enjoy the list and make sure you follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter! Don’t be afraid to strike up a friendly conversation about what registries YOU think are best!

Top 10 Wedding Registries:

Amazon Wedding Registry Bokeh Love Photography

  1. Amazon Wedding Registry – Amazon is an amazing website where you can purchase practically anything you want. The amazon registry actually allows you to purchase ANYTHING you find on the internet. You can install a button on your browser, and literally add anything you find on the internet (on Amazon or not on Amazon) to your registry! This is why it is my number 1 favorite registry! You can also have things delivered directly to you, or to the person purchasing the gift, and you can even request gift wrapped option – which Amazon puts the purchased item into a beautiful, and reusable organza tie bag! It’s stylish and will leave the gift recipient super impressed! Click here to check it out!

    Zola Wedding Registry Bokeh Love Photography

  2. Zola Wedding Registry – Zola just had to make it to my Top 10 Wedding Registries list! It is an amazing wedding registry that is clean and very organized! You can add gifts, gift cards, and honeymoon funds in one place!  It features coupon codes to save your guests money which is very nice! It also features the same internet button for your browser that Amazon does, allowing you to add virtually anything you find on the internet. What I really love about Zola is that there is free shipping (almost, some of the bigger stuff will require shipping) AND you get 20% off on the things that were not purchased. You can also do group gifting AND you will get a free thank you note manager! I’d call that a win! Click here to check it out! 

  3. Blueprint Registry – This is a different one. The coolest feature about Blueprint is that you can “picture the items in your room”. It’s really great, if you’re registering for furniture or other big items. You can select to have up to 50 or more retailers for your registry as well, which keeps your guests on the registry without having to go shopping somewhere else. Also, and you may love this or hate this, on Blueprint you can ask your guests to help chip in on certain parts of your wedding, for example if you want an ice cream truck at the end of the party, you can ask for that. You can allow group gifts, as well as cash gift options if that’s more your speed. I will heed some caution here though, because it may not fit in well with some of your guests. Click here to check out Blueprint and click here to read my post that includes a book on Wedding Etiquette.

  4. Honeyfund Registry – Lately, we have seen a lot of couples getting married who have already been living together and already have everything they need to live, cook, and fill their home. So “things” are really the last thing on their mind. Instead of buying them “stuff” that they don’t need, some couples are opting for cash gifts to go toward their honeymoon. There is nothing wrong with this, but some guests may want to gift you a physical gift instead. It’s alright to have a registry like this, but keep in mind having another registry will be a good idea. For the other registry, you can put down things like a tv, or new golf clubs for both of you. Things that will help you come together, and spend more time together, instead of a new pot set. Click here to check it out!

  5. Jonathan Adler Wedding Registry – If you are looking for something seriously unique and upscale, this is the registry for you. From golds to deep navy’s with American modern flair, this registry has everything you’ve ever dreamed of and it won’t kill your guests pockets! This made my Top 10 Wedding Registries because I simple adore all of the little gold accepts and I am a true lover of art. From vases to fine art, to chairs and beds, gorgeous luxury rugs and spectacular lighting, you don’t want to let this registry pass you by. Check it out here! 

  6. Sue Fisher King Wedding Registry – Do you appreciate the finer things in life? The birds chirping on a spring day? Do you notice the little details of a simple white bowl and just swoon over its beauty? Do you admire a gorgeous painting on a dish? This is luxury. If this is you, just register here:  Check it out here! 

  7. Domino’s Wedding Registry – LOL okay, hear me out. This is hilarious, and I love every piece of it. Do you have everything you could have ever dreamed of and you really just want to Netflix and Chill? Get this registry, and have pizza for LIFE, okay maybe not for life, but like, all the time! I bet your guests will love how fun and honest you are about your love for pizza. Check it out here! 

  8. Slowdance – This is a registry where Event Planner, Jung Lee has her team of designers create a registry based on your needs and wants. It is not a one sized fit all registry. This is the registry that will open your eyes to independent designers from all over the world. Instead of everyday items, and you will be guided on how to incorporate these speciality items into your home! Check it out here!

  9. The Little Market – If you are a conscious shopper, and you are away of the difference between big stores and little stores, then you should consider this registry. Brought to you by Lauren Conrad, everything purchased from The Little Market helps create a meaningful income for their artisans partners and their families. Some items you will find on this registry, are ceramic kitchen bowls, hand blown glass pitchers, utensils, glassware, linens, pillows, furniture, you can even get custom totes for your eco friendly shopping trips. In addition to the housewares, you can also add spa products and candles to your registry as well! It feels good to help others and have a little piece of something special and handmade just for you in your home. Check it out here!

  10. Thankful Registry – Thankful allows you to create a very sleek, beautiful and clean registry where you can put absolutely anything on. What I mean by that is, any item from any store, any vacation, any experience and even any charity that you would like a donation for. They are open platform and all inclusive. They also accept any currency, so if you have family or friends from other countries, they won’t have any issue purchasing from your registry. What is really cool about this registry, is that if your guests find an item for less somewhere else, they can purchase it elsewhere and it still comes off of your registry! It’s very cool, and super thoughtful! Wait a minute, maybe that is a hint at their name? We are super thankful that they’re so thoughtful! How neat! It does cost a one time fee of $30 but it is a very beautiful and easy to use platform. No ads or anything to distract your guests or you. It’s a very nice experience to shop on. Check it out here!So that’s it for my Top 10 Wedding Registries! I hope you enjoyed my list, although it won’t be for everyone. I hope it had you thinking out side of the box to what kind of registry’s really are out there! And if you found one you really like, then yey! I am SO glad I was able to help you with a little part of your wedding planning! After all, I LIVE for weddings!


We talked about my Top 10 Wedding Registries, so here are some really good gift ideas: 

  1. Amazon Prime Subscription – This may be a little bit of a stretch, but did you know you can give the gift of Amazon Prime? It may sound silly, but starting your life together as a husband and wife, you will need to do a lot of shopping for your home. Shopping on Amazon Prime is a great way to save money, and not actually waste gas or time to go to a store and get side tracked on what you really need. Amazon Prime is a yearly subscription, so giving the gift of Prime, will actually save the newly wed a nice chunk of money and allow them to have a very nice in home shopping experience! This would be a very well thought out gift. So think about adding this to your registry! I bet someone will be overjoyed to give this as a gift! Click here to check it out! 
  2. Sur le table – Did you know that Sur le table offers cooking classes? How totally cool is this? You can give the gift of cooking to the newly wed and they can both learn how to cook amazing dinners and spend time with one another and really enjoy this new special time in their lives becoming a married couple! Even though Sur Le Table didn’t make it to my Top 10 Wedding Registries, I still absolutely adore them.  Click here to check it out!
  3. Blue Apron – To go along with Sur le table, did you know you can order everything you need to cook at home, and there is no subscription necessary? That means you can buy 1 box, and it will be delivered to them with instructions on how to prep their food at home with each-other? There is nothing more delightful than sharing the cooking with your partner. Click here to check it out! 
  4. Peek – Peek is  a website where you can purchase experiences, much like these other on the list only they are in so many different states and counties! If you know where the happy couple is going on their honeymoon, or even want to give them a special treat before or after their wedding, then this is the gift to give! Swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas, exploring a waterfall in the DR, or maybe an R- Rated Vampire tour in Philly! The possibilities are endless and you will sure to be able to find something that matches their speed! Check it out here! 


April 14, 2020

Top 10 Wedding Registries!

Amazon Wedding Registry Bokeh Love Photography

Top Ten Tuesday

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It’s Top 10 Tuesday and today I am spilling all of my secrets on my Favorite NJ Portrait Locations, where they are and how I find them! A lot of people ask me where they should go for portraits sessions, and I actually have a huge list of places to go with permit information as well. Can we shoot there without a permit? Do we need a permit? Are there opening/closing hours? If the sun good there? Will we see a sunset? All of those questions will be answered right here; so keep reading!

Favorite NJ Portrait Locations Bokeh Love Photography
I try to find locations that do not require a permit or a fee to use the space for photography. Some locations do require a permit, which my clients are responsible for paying. The list below are my go to spots, the most cost effective locations and some of my absolute favorites! I find myself going to the same spots over and over again, but I do welcome new locations to keep my creativity flowing!

How to I find my locations? Sometimes it’s difficult. I used to drive around for hours looking for spots, I still do sometimes! I have an app where I am able to snap a quick photo, and save the coordinates of the location that I took the photo. This way, I can quickly go in my phone, and send my clients pictures of spots, and coordinates of where to find me! It’s super easy and very effective! Other times, I use google earth! Which is an amazing resource that allows me to see the arial view of the surrounding beaches.

I look for spots that have other aspects besides just the beach! 

A boardwalk is always great, rocks/jetty, a fishing pier is always a win! I try to keep my mind open and always see the beauty in something that, someone who isn’t a photographer may not be able to see.


So here it is! My Top 10 Favorite NJ Portrait Locations!

1. The Historic Smithville Village – Galloway, NJ
615 E Moss Mill Rd, Smithville, NJ
The Smithville Village is basically in my back yard! I love it, and I visit here all the time. Okay, it’s not right in my backyard, but it is a 5 minute ride! I photograph many families here and have also photographed many weddings here. It’s is my number 1 because I could go back here a million times and always be inspired.
Bokeh Love Photography Smithville Village South Jersey Family Photographer

2. The Ventnor Fishing Pier – Ventnor, NJ
S Cambridge Ave & Boardwalk, Ventnor City, NJ 
The Ventnor Fishing Pier is my favorite, because you get the best of the beach, under the pier, the boardwalk and the ocean! It’s so versatile and makes for really amazing images.
Permit Required? The beach is free after 5pm
Does it cost anything? The beach is free after 5pm
Bokeh Love Photography Ventnor Fishing Pier South Jersey Beach Photographer

3. Historic Batsto Village – Hammonton, NJ
31 Batsto Rd, Hammonton, NJ
Historic Batsto Village is one of my favorite portrait locations. There are so many areas to get creative within the village. Whether you are looking to have the buildings in your images or just tall grass. It’s very versatile and the images are always stunning here!
Permit Required? Uncertain at this time
Does it cost anything? Uncertain at this time
Bokeh Love Photography Historic Batsto Village South jersey Family Photographer

4. Stockton University – Galloway, NJ
101 Vera King Farris Dr, Galloway, NJ
Stockton University, formally known as Stockton State College is a beautiful campus with vines growing up walls, beautiful rose bushes, lush lawns and stone steps. What makes this location even better for a portrait option is if you’ve graduated here yourself!
Permit Required? No
Does it cost anything? Only if you’re planning on attending school! (Or visiting the cafeteria for Chicfil-A!)
Bokeh Love Photography Stockton University Galloway Family Photographer

5. Smithville Mansion – Eastampton Township, NJ
803 Smithville Road, EastamptonNew Jersey
Not to be confused with the Historic Smithville Village in Galloway, The Smithville Mansion is a historic location full of beautiful flowers, arbors, arched wooden barn doors, court yards and more. You feel as though you’ve stepped back in time here.
Permit Required? No
Does it cost anything? No, not unless you are visiting for a private event that charges a ticket price.

Bokeh Love Photography Smithville Mansion South jersey family photographer
6. Brigantine Beach – Brigantine, NJ
16th Street
I have photographed all over the island, so I won’t name every street. I will say that all of Brigantine is gorgeous and I am so happy I live so close to the beach to be able to photograph there often.
Permit Required? Beach tags til 5, free after 5. But no one photographers before sunset!
Does it cost anything? Nope, not unless you are on the beach before 5.
Bokeh Love Photography Brigantine Beach South Jersey Family Photographer

7. Cape May Park North – Cape May Court House, NJ
1099 South Route 9, Cape May Court House, NJ
Cape May Park North is such a gem! The park closes at dusk, but once outside of the gates there is a front lawn that catches the glow of the sunset perfectly! No need to chase light, it finds us right here!
Permit Required? No, just be respectful. There are a lot of animals, admire & never touch an animal!
Does it cost anything? No, but if you see trash, pick it up and help keep this park beautiful and remember whatever you bring in, make sure it leaves with you. As with any park, or any location for that matter, leave no traces that you were ever there.
Bokeh Love Photography Cape May Family Photographer

8. Estell Manor Park – Mays Landing, NJ
109 NJ-50, Mays Landing, NJ 08330
Estell Manor Park is home to many Vetrans, including my own Grandfather. When I go there, I feel at peace. Not only that, but when the sun sets, it lights up the leaves in the early fall like nothing else you’ve ever seen. Well, maybe you’ve seen that before, but I still find the magic in it.
Permit Required? No, just be respectful.
Does it cost anything? No, but if you see trash, pick it up and help keep this park beautiful and remember whatever you bring in, make sure it leaves with you. As with any park, or any location for that matter, leave no traces that you were ever there.
Bokeh Love Photography Estell Manor Mays Landing Family Photographer

9. Harold E. Taylor Observatory aka “The Stockton Observatory”– Galloway, NJ
36 Pomona Road, Route 575, Galloway, NJ
The Observatory is actually a very cool place for a class trip, but I go there for the field and the woods. I love how the sun just kisses the grass here. It’s really very beautiful. There is a telephone number if you would like to call and schedule a tour of the dome: (609) 652-4520
Permit Required? No
Does it cost anything? To walk in the field, no. I am unsure if there is any price required to enter the telescope dome. I have never done that. As with any park, or any location for that matter, leave no traces that you were ever there.
Bokeh Love Photography The Stockton Observatory Galloway Family Photographer

10. Good Old Days Sunflower Farm – Woodbine, NJ
119 S. Old Tuckahoe Rd. Woodbine, NJ Cape May County
Donald is the owner of the Good Old Days Sunflower Farm. He plants his seeds in Mid April to bloom in the end of June. Throughout the summer he plants more seeds to keep the sunflowers blooming until late April/early September. You can reach Donald at: 609-536-4080.
Permit Required? No
Does it cost anything? He sells fresh cut sunflowers from an antique flower cart. Payment is based on the honor system. He keeps an old metal lockbox on the cart for you to pay for the flowers you take. If you go here, be sure to buy some flowers! I always leave a little extra! 

Bokeh Love Photography, Cape May Sun Flower Farm, Summer Portraits, Cape May Family Photographer

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Top Ten Tuesday – ‘Favorite NJ Portrait Locations’. Subscribe to our mailing list and be sure to come back every Tuesday for more amazing Top Ten’s!

*Some of the links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.


Top Ten Tuesday

April 7, 2020

Favorite NJ Portrait Locations

Favorite NJ Portrait Locations Bokeh Love Photography Smithville Galloway Ocean City Ventnor Egg Harbor City Batsto Mays Landing

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