I am throwing it back to 2015 here with a portrait session in Galloway. It’s of my own babies. They have messy hair, and their clothes are, well, play clothes. I think at the time I said, girls, lets go take pictures in the back yard, they jumped for joy, I grabbed my camera, and then photos were made. I love revisiting old photos, and looking back at how adorable my (now almost 8, and 6 year old) babies were! I recently found a bunch of old photographs from my Great Great Grandmother and Great Aunt and my Grandpop and I guess I am feeling super nostolgic right now. One day, my daughters are going to find these photos, because of course I am going to print and frame them. They would never get a chance to find them if I don’t print them. CD’s are basically gone. USB’s will soon follow. I only hope that our hard drives stay around for a while, but because they connect via USB cord, I can only see them going sooner. I get so emotional about printing photos, and archiving them in albums, and being professionally framed , because believe it or not, these images are our legacy. It’s what we will leave behind, and at the end of the day, memories and knowing where you came from is what matters. I can’t tell you how big of an empty spot in my heart and my gut there is knowing that I can’t track down my Armenian Heritage. It’s sad, and sickening that my ancestors were killed during a genocide. But what I do have, the photos I did find, I hold so close to my heart, and they fill such a beautiful void! I hope one day, when my children find these beautiful images, they will be full of love and happieness because they can phsycailly hold a memory, and one day hang it on their walls.

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Bokeh Love Photography, Portrait session in Galloway
Bokeh Love Photography, Portrait session in Galloway
Bokeh Love Photography, Portrait session in Galloway

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May 27, 2017

Portrait session in Galloway

Bokeh Love Photography Portrait Session in Galloway New Jersey

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