David contacted me earlier in the week to chat about documenting his Congress Hall Marriage Proposal to his girlfriend, Amy. (Spoiler alert, she’s a fiance now!) David had a few really amazing ideas on how he would propose. At first it was going to be on the beach by the lighthouse, but the wind was a bit much. He decided to propose on the lawn at their hotel, Congress Hall. Which by the way, is one of the most amazing Hotel’s in Cape May! (Good choice, David!) He planned out their entire proposal, down to the champagne, ice bucket and flutes (even the chairs that faced the beach for a gorgeous sunset!) I heard it was a very nice bottle of champagne, but you should know that David is one of the world’s leading wine writers and just recently wrote a book titled, “But First, Champagne: A Modern Guide to the World’s Favorite Wine”. (Seriously, what a lucky lady to have a fiance that knows all about champagne and wine!)

As I waited for them to arrive, getting text updates from David, I did my best to hide in the bushes by the parking lot. Hotel guests were staring at me, as I am sure I looked… well… pretty shady standing in a parking lot, hiding behind bushes with a hoodie up and holding a giant piece of black metal (yep, it’s my “stalker lens” as I like to call it. Perfect for documenting proposals from far away and not being noticed!) (Although Amy told me later on, that she saw someone in the bushes with a camera… I think she knew all along this would be the day for a marriage proposal!)

Congress Hall was phenomenal, I met with Casika who unfortunately couldn’t wait to watch the proposal, but she was so excited that this was happening at their hotel! If you are even THINKING about it, stop thinking and do it, have a Congress Hall Marriage Proposal! They were so fantastic and helpful! Ask for Casika!

So, When it came time to pop the question, it was magical. David and Amy hugged and kissed, and all the love was there! I was secretly crying in the bushes because well, who wouldn’t!? When I told the hotel guests, I wasn’t some crazy person, I was documenting a proposal that would go down at approximately 6pm… of course they stayed to watch! Everyone loves a happy ending! After that, we went down to the beach to take some beautiful portraits to capture their happiness! It could not have been a better evening for a Congress Hall Marriage Proposal!

David and Amy, Congratulations on your engagement! I wish you both nothing but success in love and your future together! Thank you SO much for trusting me to capture such an intimate moment between the two of you!

Congress Hall Marriage Proposal Cape May, NJ Bokeh Love Photography
Congress Hall Marriage Proposal Cape May, NJ Bokeh Love Photography
Congress Hall Marriage Proposal Cape May, NJ Bokeh Love Photography


October 21, 2016

Congress Hall Marriage Proposal | Cape May, New Jersey | Amy & David

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