Getting ready for an engagement session requires much more than actually thinking about the location and the poses. It requires being prepared with your equipment. Each and every time I prepare I find a better way to do something. Today, I wanted to share what I do to prepare. Maybe you will learn something, or maybe you do something smarter than I am doing (if so – please share! 🙂

The first thing I do, is go through all of my cards and reformat. Before (yes, we all have a before) I used to put my cards into my computer and delete them off of the card. I since learned this is BAD. You should never deleted photos off of a memory card from the computer. Why? Because it can cause internal issues within your memory card, and cause the card to fail or corrupt. So, what I do is reformat. I put the cards into my computer, and make sure everything that is on the card is backed up, and then I eject the card, put it in my camera and reformat. That saves a lot of time, AND reassures me that my card is fresh and ready to hold images.


You can use a lot of different pouches to hold your memory cards. I personally like the ThinkTank – Pocket Rocket. Yes, I know, it’s an interesting name for a memory cardholder – BUT it’s fantastic. When I have unused cards, I put them with the color side up. When I have used a memory card, I put it back in the same spot but I turn it over to the white side. This allows me to know that the card was used, there are images on it, and not to use it again that day. It helps for easy unloading of images when I get home.


The next thing I do is charge my battery. It’s so easy to forget to do this, because my battery is huge and does hold a greay charge. However, I like to top it off and make sure I have a full charge. I don’t want to get caught “running out of gas” on a shoot.


While my battery is charging, I like to load my bag. I use a ShootSac, and they’re amazing. They have a flap that you can clean your lenses with. The flap is made for lenses. So no scratching, it’s great when you’re on a shoot, especially like the beach or anywhere with high dust! (Like today’s shoot, is at a campground! A Lot of dirt that could potentially get on my lens).


The lenses that go into my bag are the same lenses I use ALL THE TIME. I have 4 favorite lenses. They are: Nikkor 70-200, Nikkor 105, Nikkor 35 1:2, and Nikkor 50mm 1.2. They are my absolute favorite lenses, and they each serve a different purpose.


The 70-200 is great for when I want to give the couple some privacy. If they’re on a dock, and I want to shoot through some tree’s to add some beautiful coloring to the photo. (Which I can totally see happening today).
The 105 is my macro, or as Nikon calls it, a Micro. It’s for rings. That’s it. It’s the only thing I use this lens for. (other than cupcakes, I also use it for cupcakes). BUT, it’s a fantastic lens, it was expensive, and totally worth it. It was a game changer for my business and brings images to my clients on a level that they deserve.
The 35, is fantastic. I have no other words for it other than that. It’s crisp, its pretty, its small and cute. Ha-ha, It’s my little charm piece. I like it for a wider shot, and when I want more landscape.
The 50 is my butter lens. I use it most often. It’s usually the lens that is on my camera at all times.


So that’s how I get ready! I will most likely break out the couch today and make for some epic photos down on the landing (a very cool dirt road that leads into the river)

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May 17, 2014

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