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I know planning a wedding can get super stressful, but there are so many details you cannot forget about! I know every bride (yes, even myself) thinks about how to wear flats, flippers, or even flip-flops on their wedding day. But here’s the thing, you will be getting these fancy things photographed. I want all of you soon to be brides to think about these details. Shoes, in particular are so super important. Yes, bring the flip-flops for later, the cowboy boots, the Toms, the UGG’s if it’s cold and that is just how you roll. It’s all fine and dandy, BUT spend some money on some beautiful, gorgeous, jaw dropping shoes. I want to photograph them. I want you to have EPIC photos, and most of all, when we do your DIP SHOT – I want this super stinkin’ adorable shoe to pop out under your dress – not your Toms or your Flip Flops! It’s your day to be a princess, and a princess you shall be!

Some of my favorite all time shoe shots that I’ve taken:


Now that you’ve seen the shoes I’ve shot (which were all beautiful shoes, and I’m so in love with them all) I’d love to share with you some shoes I would LOVE to photograph! And of course I have a list! Now this list is from me searching on the internet from designers I ADORE! The first one, is my absolute dream shoe. Figgie Shoes! She is a true artist! You send her your blank shoes and she creates a work of art for you on the most amazing day of your life. WHY NOT have a personalized shoe of such a personal day? It takes time to plan, and must be done months ahead, but seriously? GAHHH, it’s love. Will someone please get FIGGIE SHOES? I will love you forever! .. So without anymore delay, Here is it, my list of amazing shoes that I am sure I will add to after I wake up and realize there are more sparkly, fantastic shoes out there: (The images below came directly from their websites, and were not photographed by BLP)

1. Figgie Shoes – I love them because they are personal. They are meaningful and they are 100% YOU!
Find them here: Figgie Shoes


2. Kate Spade New York – Clarice – I love them because they have just a hint of sparkle. They will look amazing with your rings on the heal, and will be a perfect addition to any wedding album!
Find them here: Zappos Couture

3. Kate Spade New York – Ilexa – I love them because they’re PINK! They’re bright, off the wall, GORGEOUS, they have ankle straps (which I totally adore) and they’re just so girly and fun!
Find them here: Zappos Couture

4. Sergio Rossi Strass CNY Pump – I love them because of the amazing butterfly obviously. They’re classy, timeless, beautiful and regal.
Find them here: Zappos Couture

5. Blue by Betsey Johnson ‘SB-Kiss’ Sandal – I love them because I had Betsey Johnson shoes for my own wedding, they bring back memories. They aren’t the exact shoes I had, but they are still gorgeous, and I love a good ankle strap. Did I mention they’re covered in crystals?
Find them here: Nordstrom

6. Menbur ‘Narke’ Pump – I love them because they are beautiful. Perfect for the couture bride! These shoes tell me that the bride knows what she wants, she’s a trend setter, and she loves to look and feel feminine!
Fine them here: Nordstrom

7. Christian Louboutin, Jazzy Doll Braided Metallic Red Sole Sandal, Gold – I love them for their red role, for their shimmer, their ankle strap is to die for and the braid down the center of the foot is so beautiful.
Fine them here: Neiman Marcus

8. Christian Louboutin, Pigalle Python Point-Toe Red Sole Pump, Blue – I love these for their bold color, this is your something blue, and that red role is perfection! These Python pumps are killer and would make the perfect match for any bride that wants to rock them and show their sassy side!
Find them here: Neiman Marcus

9. Manolo Blahnik Cerchi Crystal Mid-Heel Pump, Gray – I love these. Oh My Goodness. Go to the website, watch the video. You will see just how sparkly these beauties are! Amazing!
Find them here: Bergdorf Goodman

10. Jimmy Choo, Kaci Crystal Suede Leaf Sandal, Nude – I love these because they’re just fabulous! These are for the true fashionista! That is all!
Find them here: Bergdorf Goodman

I hope you enjoyed drooling over this AMAZING shoes, like I did. I could go on all night long searching for beautiful bridal shoes! All in all, these are my DREAM shoes to photograph, but you don’t need to break the bank getting fabulous shoes. Use your judgement. Think BOLD, think GLITTER, think FABULOUS! I will take care of the rest!

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May 1, 2014


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