One of my favorite things to do is photograph clients again and again. This particular portraits session was so exciting because I photographed this little boy when he was just born! Now he’s ONE and I get to watch him smash a cake! His Mom is super crafty and actually made him a tie and hat for this portrait session. I cannot tell you enough how adorable he is! You will just have to check out the photos for yourself to see how amazing he is!

Now, when doing a cake smash I do have a few suggestions! First, don’t worry about clothes, he/she wont need them! However, it’s perfectly fine and totally reccomended that you accessories! Yes boys can accessories too! Things like a tie, a hat, maybe even a diaper cover! Those things just add to the cuteness of it all. Now, because the session if you’d like to dress him and her up in some fancy or just down right stylish clothing – go for it! A few shots of that, and then right into the cake!

Also, everyone loves chocolate cake, BUT, and this is a big BUT, chocolate cake is not a good idea for a cake smash. The reason why, is well.. A baby covered in a mysterious brown substance? You get the point. Go for yellow, vanilla, or even pink cake. White, yellow, blue, green, pink icing, sure why not! The colors just add to the fun. But stay clear of chocolate 🙂

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April 4, 2014

One Year Old | Cake Smash | In Studio | Bokeh Love Photography | Galloway Professional Photographer

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