My husband is pretty amazing. He doesn’t know much about my camera; actually he know’s NOTHING at all! He does operate my SnapBooth for weddings, however everything is already setup by me ahead of time and ready to go. He just stands there, to make sure nothing goes wrong , operates the touchscreen and he gets to talk to people all night long! It’s a great gig for him and he LOVES doing it. As far as my camera, he’s clueless. I own the D4, and its a fabulous camera. But if you’ve never shot on something like that before, well, it can be pretty intimidating! So, I basically gave him a mini mentoring session. I taught him a little bit about exposure, aperture, and ISO. I also explained what to focus on and why, and what the focus boxes look like, where to stand to make your subject look good (and feel good when they see their photos) and also about light! What to avoid and what to fall in love with!

He had a great time, and I honestly couldn’t believe how beautiful his photos came out. I mean, I wasn’t surprised, because I explained everything to him. For me though, getting in front of the camera is very scary. I take pictures of people ALL THE TIME, it’s what I do and I love it! But we all have these self images of ourselves that no one sees but us. The mirror is our own enemy. I see my self in the worst ways and I shouldnt. I’m a normal female though, and we all think this way. After seeing these photos, I realized I shouldn’t.

What I see when I look at these photos, is a professional photographer, a mother, a daughter, a granddaughter, and ever-changing girl who is getting older and wiser, a wife, a friend, and an all around positive person. I don’t see the person in the mirror thinking negative things. I don’t see the girl who can’t find anything to wear, and I don’t see anyone would I wouldn’t want to be. I love who I am, who I have become, and who I am going to be. I am proud, confident, and cannot wait to get more photos taken of me. It’s a mood booster AND a game changer.

I am so happy that my husband had fun doing this, and I hope he would like to do it again. I had a blast explaining to him why to do certain things and why not to do others. He’s such a good sport, and I love him so much for being so interested in what I enjoy doing. He is such a great support system. I am so happy I married him. What a good choice! So here they are, the images he took of me! I am very proud of them!

Bokeh Love Photography


He also took two of our baby, and I just have to post these! She is such a ham!



May 6, 2014

Mini Mentor Sesh with my Husband | Personal | Bokeh Love Photography | Galloway Professional Photographer

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