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I have had some requests on the type of gear I use. So, I’ve compiled a Photography Gear List of everything that I use (AND LOVE!) First and foremost I want you to know that I have partnered with Amazon, to be able to share all of my favorite products with you, so when you click on the links below, they will take you directly to Amazon to give you the most amazing prices on all of these products. Second, I am a Nikon girl so all of the products I have listed below are for use with a Nikon camera. I have always used Nikon, and will continue to do so! I love their products, their cameras, their speedlights, everything! So, if you are looking to upgrade your gear this season, check out my list, you may find something that you absolutely need!

Nikon D4, Amazon











Camera Bodies: 

  1. Nikon D4 –
  2. Nikon D800 –

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 1.30.52 PM













Speedlights & Speedlight Accessories: 

  1. Nikon SB910 Speedlight –
  2. Nikon SB800 Speedlight –
  3. Nikon SD800 Quick Recycling Batter Pack for SB800 –
  4. Flash Mount –
  5. Phottix Strato II Multi Receiver & Transmitter –
  6. Phottix Strato II Receiver –
  7. Neewer 47″/120cm Octagonal Softbox –
  8. Westcott 28-Inch Medium Apollo Softbox –
  9. CowboyStudio 7′ Light Stands –

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 1.31.14 PM










Lenses & Lens Accessories: 

  1. Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G –
  2. Nikkor 35mm f/2D –
  3. Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR –
  4. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8D-
  5. Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED –


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 5.28.38 PM


















Bags & Cases:

  1. Black Rapid Camera Strap –
  2. Epiphanie Lola Camera Bag –
  3. Epiphanie London Camera Backpack –
  4. Pelican Carry On Case –



I think that’s it! I would love to hear how helpful this article was for you! If you are just starting out in photography or if you just needed some gear inspiration! Email me at

Best of luck, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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December 8, 2015

The Bokeh Love Photography Gear List

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A few weeks ago I attended a light workshop in Philadelphia by LuRey Photography! (You can read all about the workshop by clicking here) Being a Philadelphia wedding photographer wanting to learn from the best, I jumped on the occasion to visit the studio 10TWO5 and to learn from LuRey Photography! Philadelphia is just a little drive away and I have been wanting to expand my business and incorporate off camera flash more and more. I play with it now, but in the past I have considered myself a natural light photographer., who dabbles with light. This workshop has helped me branch out more, and be able to offer my clients a better wedding experience.

I love Philadelphia, and love that I can consider myself a Philadelphia wedding photographer! Philadelphia is a gorgeous place, full of great people, beautiful buildings, and amazing opportunities to take EPIC photos! A dream of mine is to be able to photograph brides in Philadelphia buildings on a high up floor with the entire city seen outside of the window. That can only been done with the use of flash! Now that I have a better understanding for it, I plan on making GORGEOUS photos with the skills I’ve learned!

This experience did make me wish I had a studio, because studio work is just so gorgeous! I would obviously have to invest in a bit more equipment than I have now, but it would totally be worth it! For now, if I need a studio, I can always rent a space. There are so many places in Philadelphia that are so perfect!

Easton and Laura of LuRey Photography, are such amazing people. I met them being in this industry, and I cannot tell you enough how happy I am to call them friends, not just colleagues. The love that have for teaching is so great! You can tell when someone is passionate about what they do. They not only take amazing photos, they care about their clients, and bettering the industry by helping other photographers reach their full potential and more. So, if you are a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, or in the Tri-State area, you should look them up and go to one of their workshops. You will not regret it!

Here are some of my photos from the workshop. Needless to say, I have learned some fabulous tricks that I plan to use on upcoming 2015 weddings! I really cannot wait!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, Bokeh Love Photography


Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

March 15, 2015

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer | Workshop

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

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