Last week, I photographed a romantic Tuckerton Engagement Session! I remember when I met with Rachael when she first started planning her wedding. She said her amazing fiance, Chris is letting her do whatever she wants for their wedding! When I hear words like that, I just KNOW that he’s a good guy! I didn’t meet him until the session, but from all of the amazing things Rachael had said about him, he had to be amazing! Well, as you can see from the images below, Chris makes Rachael laugh, all the time! So far, he’s got two amazing qualities of a perfect husband! Rachael and Chris are so in love, and it definitely shows. Throughout the entire session, I just kept thinking about how much fun their wedding will be next year! From the very beginning, I knew I would love them, and I was so right! We went back and forth trying to plan the most amazing engagement session. Rachael wanted beach, but then I found out that Chris owned a boat. So, it was clear that we had to take a few photos on the boat! Earlier that day Chris had gone crabbing, and it was our luck that we found a baby crab on the beach! I had to put it in Rachael’s hand, and she probably cursed me the entire ride home for doing it, but that photos though! It tells the story of their life, and these are beautiful memories that they will be able to tell for the rest of their lives. I also had them write before hand, letters to each other, on why they fell in love with one another. I have to say, I was laughing and tearing up behind the camera. They are the perfect combination of love and laughter, and let me tell you, that is the kind of relationship you want to have, because you can grow old with each other, in this beautiful life, and keep each other happy until the very end! Side by side, partners in crime, it’s the best combination of marriage and friendship.

Rachael and Chris, thank you so much for taking me along on your Tuckerton Engagement Session! I am SO excited for your wedding at the Carriage House next year! You are going to make a stunning bride and one handsome groom!

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Bokeh Love Photography Tuckerton Engagement Session Best NJ Photographer
Bokeh Love Photography Tuckerton Engagement Session Best NJ Photographer
Bokeh Love Photography Tuckerton Engagement Session Best NJ Photographer


June 16, 2017

Rachael + Chris | Tuckerton Engagement Session

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