Wedding planning can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! I have compiled my favorite wedding planning books for you to take a look at. They go over things like wedding etiquette, timelines on when to send out invitations, book your vendors, and more! Check it out below!

Bokeh Love Photography Top Ten Wedding Planning Books

    1. Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette – Emily Post was a phenomenal woman, who knew about all things etiquette. If you’re going to learn about it, she is the one to learn from! This is an amazing book that will go over everything you need to do or plan from your engagement up until your wedding day. It goes over engagement announcements, how to word invitations, what to wear and when to wear it, traditions, parties, your ceremony, reception and even the thank you’s and so much more.**Also, if you’re interested in history, Emily Post is the 19th cousin 2 times removed to Charles William Post, Founder of Post Cereals, and also, the person who my college was named after – C. W. Post University, now known as Long Island University!
    2. Erin Condren Wedding Planner – I adore Erin Condren. Her agenda’s are LIFE and her wedding planning books are so much more than than just a planner! It comes with custom stickers that say “I DO” “CELEBRATE” “IMPORTANT” and “REMINDER”. Throughout the planner, you will also see quotes that will light you up! I save these and frame them on my walls! It also had both the calendar view and the weekly view, and enough space for you to write notes, mark dates, make note of your rehearsal meal AND reception meals, the types of alcohol you will be having, a wedding planning timeline to follow etc.
    3. OH, SH*T JUST GOT REAL – Okay, sometimes wedding’s are so stressful that you just need to open up and let that humor fly in. This planner does an amazing job at having making you giggle, but the inside is all business! A ton of spreadsheets at your fingertips to fill in like mad libs! Because let’s be real, who doesn’t love filling in mad libs? You can write your ideas for theme, venue, colors, music, reception, etc. You can also fill in categories with budget, actual cost, and balance owed. It even has a wedding contact list for your vendors (Only thing I dislike is they don’t have Photographer written in… so you’ll have to write photographer in yourself. I recommend a pink sparkly gel pen so I stand out, because of course you’re booking me, right? :::wink wink::: ) But seriously, this is a cute planner and does the job if you’re too busy to make your own spreadsheets. it even has a ton of pages for your guest list, and blank lined pages for you to write all the notes your heart desires!
    4. Essentials Wedding Planner Stickers – Yes, I added stickers to the list haha. The reason why, is because sometimes you just want to play with stickers. You’re planning a wedding, and these are wedding themed! So yes, buy them, and have fun, because you’re allowed to have fun and these little things make us smile and ALSO, really do help stay organized! 
    5. Storied Weddings – This book is absolutely gorgeous. If you want to be swept away with emotions, and what kind of images you could have on your wedding day, then this is the book for you. Actually, if your child is getting married, if you aren’t getting married, or if you know someone who is getting married and just love weddings, then this is also the book for you. It looks nice on the coffee table, and had the content to blow anyone away between great typography and dreamy images, ya know and fabulous tips to help you on your way to planning your big day! 
    6. Wedding Planner & Journal Organizer – I know I have quite a few planners on here, but I am hoping you find one that meets your needs. This one is really special. It is not only beautiful, but it comes with 20 labels to propose to your wedding party, two wedding day cards for you and your fiance to write each other love notes (complete with envelopes), and even a guestbook section. It works as a nice gift and a keepsake of your wedding day. There is even a page about dresses and the cut of each neckline (sweetheart, scoop, illusion, off shoulder) and the skirt style as well (trumpet, a-line, tea-length, mermaid). 
    7. Equally Wed – There are so many books out there for planning weddings that are centered around the “bride and groom”. This book, of course has the to-do lists that every engaged couple needs, in addition to very important resources on how to handle certain challenges that an LGBTQ+- couple may face, like how to deal with less than supportive family members. 
    8. His & Her Vow Book – This is a very simple his & her vow book for your wedding day. These photograph so nicely, and it’s a lot better than holding a folded piece of paper. They are wonderful memories to look back on, and will easily slip right into your nightstand to re-read over and over again the words your husband/wife read to your on wedding day. 
    9. 3 Pc Rose Gold Diamond Pens – With so many things to write down, you should probably enjoy writing with this fancy diamond pen! Yes, there is a huge diamond on the end of the pen! I actually own these, and I’ve been married since 2013. No shame here, I love them! 
    10. A Great Party – One of the wedding planning books that you need to read, is this one right here! Bryan Rafanelli has been voted one of the best wedding planners in the world, by Vogue. He’s planned tons of events and weddings for high profile clients and is known for throwing parties that you will never forget! (Including Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and many events for President Obama!) Even if you don’t was a huge party, you will definitely pick up one or two things (or 10 or 20) from this book!


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Top Ten Tuesday

March 24, 2020

Wedding Planning Books

Bokeh Love Photography Top Ten Wedding Planning Books South Jersey Wedding Photographer

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Happy Late St. Patricks Day to everyone! My family definitely celebrates St. Paddy’s Day full force. We are Irish but ALSO, my oldest daughter is an Irish Dancer! This past weekend she was supposed be dancing in the Philadelphia Irish Parade, but due to what is going on in the world right now, it was cancelled, much like other events and gatherings. So, to back it up a few days, and continue the Paddy’s Day celebration (even though we ARE  a few days late…) let’s check out this weeks Top 10 Tuesday!! Whether you are getting married here in the United States or in Ireland (God willing), there are a few Irish Wedding Traditions that you may want to follow. Take a look at my top 10 favorite wedding traditions from Ireland below!

Bokeh Love Photography Irish Wedding Traditions

  1. Shrove Tuesday – Irish weddings were commonly held on a weekday, during “Shrovetide”, or the days preceding Lent. No weddings are allowed during the 40 days of lent! The most popular day is the day before Ash Wednesday, called “Shrove Tuesday”.

    Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health, Wednesday the best day of all, Thursday for losses, Friday for crosses, And Saturday no luck at all.


  2. Claddagh Rings – These rings feature two hands clasping a crowned heart. They symbolizes love and loyalty and are worn as engagement rings and wedding bands. Take a look at this gorgeous white gold engagement ring here that features a diamond. You can learn all about these rings here: Claddagh Meanings. You can wear the Claddagh many different ways to convey your relationship status. 


  3. Wearing a Blue Dress – Would you wear a blue wedding dress? Blue dresses are stunning! The color blue was once seen as the symbol in virginity, even though white is seen as the color for purity; Irish brides were often seen wearing blue dresses. Photographing a blue dress on wedding day, would be absolutely beautiful.

    Who will be wearing a blue gown in 2020?


  4. Proposing on Leap Year – According to legend, a young woman was upset that the men she liked were too shy to ask for her hand in marriage. Because of this, St. Patrick gave her his blessing so that women could propose on ONLY the leap day of the leap year.

    So, we just had a leap year, did anyone propose to a man?
    I’d love to shoot your wedding! Let’s chat!


  5. Wildflowers In Braided Hair – Keeping with tradition, you will often find Irish brides wearing wildflowers woven through their long braided wedding day hair. Not only does it look darling, but it also stands for as a symbol of feminine power! Additionally, bridesmaids or flower girls could wear flower crowns, but the bride herself cannot wear a flower crown because it would be considered very bad luck!

    I couldn’t love this anymore!


  6. To Tie the Knot – This saying actually has a Celtic origin, during ancient Irish wedding ceremonies where both the bride and the groom’s hands are bound together with a ribbon. This is called a ‘handfasting’ ritual, signifying their union and strength of their love. This is a tradition that I love to photograph. It slows things down a bit, as a result we can really enjoy the couples bond.


  7. Sixpence in the Shoe – The sixpence was meant to act as a good luck charm and a way to ward off evil spirits. I have definitely seen brides do this, and it’s a very lovely detail to photograph.

    I hope I see more traditions like this come back!

  8. Ringing the Wedding Bells – Like the sixpence in the shoe, the ringing of the wedding bells was seen as a way to get rid of evil spirits on the wedding day.

    They’re also very beautiful to listen to and photograph rather nicely. They’re also a very sweet favor for your guests.


  9. Irish Lace – In Ireland, dresses look like dresses everywhere else in the world. However, one distinctly Irish touch is Irish lace. Very often it is used on the dress itself, or as a handkerchief or in the veil.

    I have seen this given to the bride as a gift by her parents, or to the parents from the bride.

  10. Irish Dancing – What’s a wedding without some Irish Dance! I know when my daughter grows up, she will be dancing at her wedding, and you better believe she will need some custom bridal ghillies!

    Do you have a favorite Irish Tradition? I’d love to hear about it!



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March 17, 2020

Irish Wedding Traditions

Bokeh Love Photography Irish Wedding Traditions

Top Ten Tuesday

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Planning a wedding in 2021? The game has seriously changed! I have compiled an amazing list of Wedding planning tips for 2021 to help you get started or continue planning your wedding with ease! This is a list of MY personal favorite sites, stores and blogs; from publishers and companies like Harpers Bazaar, Ceci NY, Figgie Shoes, or the Mrs Box and The Black Tux!

Bokeh Love Photography Top Ten Wedding Planning Tip for 2021
If I could plan my wedding all over again, I totally would do so many things differently. This list is compiled of all of my favorite things. I hope you love it, as much as I do and I hope it helps you to plan your dream wedding!

SO HERE IT IS! The BLP Top 10: Wedding Planning Tips for 2021

  1. Ceci NY: Invitations – I have been following Ceci NY since they first emerged around 2006. I absolutely loved how they were a small startup invitation company who incorporated letterpress into their workflow. They create absolutely beautiful designs, and are now a huge name in the wedding industry based on out New York. A female owned and operated business also makes me adore them! Check them out here, and make sure your invitations are show stoppers! You won’t be disappointed! *Also, you can order a sample pack here: Sample PackCeci NY Website Screenshot, Wedding planning tips for 2021

  2. The Black Tux: Grooms Attire – Let me first start off by saying that this company is the best rental service for men’s wedding day attire that I have ever seen. I have photographed many grooms, and their details, and this one is the best! When I walk in and see a Black Tux box waiting for me, I know it’s going to be an amazing day! I have also partnered with them, so of course I love them, but I would not have partnered with a company that I didn’t absolutely love. If you want to have the very best service, reach out to them via this email, tell them that Lauren from Bokeh Love Photography sent you, let them know your wedding date and they will take amazing care of you! Also, feel free to browse their site! TheBlackTux.comThe Black Tux

  3. The Mrs. Box: Details– Let’s talk about heirlooms, or as their website says, “Modern Heirlooms”. These little boxes are more than just boxes. They will set the mood of your wedding day. Your rings being photographed in these beauties while you’re getting ready. It’s a photographers dream! You can get them in 44 different colors. They’re velvety perfection will just melt in your hand! Imagine the detail shots! You will want to frame these images all over your walls! The Mrs Box

  4. Figgie Shoes: Attire – I have been in love with these shoes from the first time I laid eyes on them. As an artist myself, I can really appreciate these. They aren’t just shoes, they’re a work of art! Brides always want their shoes to be a statement, and this is for sure the best statement because they will be custom designed to match exactly what you are looking for! FiggieShoes.comFiggie Shoes

  5. Riley & Gray: Wedding Websites – If you are looking to have a wedding website, but don’t quite fit in with the boring templates that those chain wedding websites have to offer, then check out Riley & Gray. You can design a free wedding website, but you can also purchase a plan as well. They have wedding websites for design-forward couples. “Enjoy an editorial experience with limited-edition wedding website templates created by the same digital tastemakers from brands like the New York Times, Marie Claire, Glossier, and Condé Nast.” Whatever you want, Riley & Gray can do for you. Riley & Gray

  6. Nearly Newlywed: Brides Attire – If you want a designer wedding dress, but don’t feel like spending full price on your gown, there is no shame is getting a previously owned gown. Wedding dresses are only worn once, cleaned and preserved. Sometimes, you may not want to keep it, or really just want to recoup what you’ve spent. Nearly Newlywed is an amazing site that allows you to both sell and purchase wedding gowns at a percent of the price that was originally spent. Check them out to see what they offer, and maybe you’ll be listing your dress here as well! nearlynewlywed.comNearly Newlywed

  7. Bazaar Bride: Planning Resource – An exclusive membership brought to you by Harpers Bazaar, for the newly engaged. It is the most fashionable bride resource on the internet. You will find wedding inspiration & advice, discounts up to $25,000 in savings, 1 on 1 consultations, video series with Vera Wang, and more! Bazaar Bride Membership Bazaar Bride

  8. BHLDN:Bride Attire– A dress boutique by Anthropologie that offers absolutely stunning bridal gowns, bridesmaid/bridal party dresses, mother of the bride dresses, shoes & accessories, decor, gifts and more! These dresses are reasonably priced, unique and absolutely stunning! Check them out:

  9. The Modern Bride: Delicate Details – If you are looking for beautiful, and delicate jewelry to adorn your skin on the most amazing day of your life, then take a look at The Modern Bride. In addition to jewelry, they also offer lingerie, belts, and more. I would stay clear of trying to purchase a dress here though because they are based in Canada, and unless you want to go on a road trip, this may be a pretty far drive for a dress. tmodernbride.comThe Modern Bride

  10. Etsy: Wellness Favors – Right now, Wellness Favors are trending on Etsy for custom bath soaps, bath salts, candles, oils and more. Not only are they a great thank you gift that can actually be used and isn’t clutter, it’s also super cute and thoughtful. Check out this page to see some really nice bath salt favors in glass jars: Etsy Bath SaltsEtsy Bath Salts


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*Some of the links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.


Top Ten Tuesday

March 10, 2020

Wedding planning tips for 2021

Ceci NY Website Screenshot

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Today is TOP TEN TUESDAY! I wanted to recap my favorite ring shots so far, and share them with everyone. When I decided to purchase a new lens, there was really no argument on which one I would be getting. I knew I wanted to take my photography to the next level, and the only way I could do that was getting a macro lens, or as Nikon likes to call them, “micro”. After searching around and listening to what other photographers had used and experienced, I decided to try the Nikkor 105mm. I can only say that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This lens brings my vision to life. It allows me to capture details the way I would want my own wedding pictures captured. It’s pure magic and absolute perfection.

When I first received the lens in the mail, I saw this little box on my doorstep, and I dang near screamed! It’s here, it’s FINALLY HERE! Brand new from the Nikon store – the smell of the new lens, the fresh box – everything was perfect! (Yes, I know, it’s a little intense, but honest to say the least). So, without anymore delay, check out my Top Ten Fav’s so far! Trust and believe there will be many more!











April 29, 2014


Top Ten Tuesday

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