Bokeh Love Photography is happy to announce that we will be holding $99 Family Portraits in Brigantine NJ!

If you are visiting the Jersey Shore, vacationing from Philadelphia or around the world, make this summer memorable by booking a beach session with Bokeh Love Photography! Family Portraits in Brigantine NJ are extra special for so many reasons. Growing up on the Jersey Shore, aka The Beach, we sometimes take for granted just how amazing it is! Feeling the sand between your toes, smelling the fresh ocean air, and getting kissed by the sun all day long. What’s NOT to love about it? Well, Let me tell you the VERY best thing about a beach session on the Jersey Shore! You can spend your entire day on the beach, enjoying the summer sun. Afterwards, you can go home, eat dinner, take a shower, relax… and then meet me at the beach for your portraits! You see, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. So, in the afternoon is when the sun is the hottest, and directly over head. We love backlighting our portraits when the sun is going down in the west. We showcase the gorgeous beach dunes, and the love beautiful sky in the East over the ocean! It’s our favorite time of the evening… the golden hour right before the sun sets.

So, for one day only, we will be hosting family portraits in Brigantine NJ right on the beach and for the small investment of only $99! What does that get? You will receive gorgeous family portraits to remember your Jersey Shore visit, as well as 5 digital downloads from a password protected online gallery delivered within 48 hours of your session.

Ready to book your Family Portraits in Brigantine NJ!? Email or through the contact link on our website! 

I can’t wait to meet you and your family…. on the beach!

Bokeh Love Photography Family Portraits in Brigantine NJ Beach Session

Children, Portraits

August 13, 2016


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