Wedding planning can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! I have compiled my favorite wedding planning books for you to take a look at. They go over things like wedding etiquette, timelines on when to send out invitations, book your vendors, and more! Check it out below!

Bokeh Love Photography Top Ten Wedding Planning Books

    1. Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette – Emily Post was a phenomenal woman, who knew about all things etiquette. If you’re going to learn about it, she is the one to learn from! This is an amazing book that will go over everything you need to do or plan from your engagement up until your wedding day. It goes over engagement announcements, how to word invitations, what to wear and when to wear it, traditions, parties, your ceremony, reception and even the thank you’s and so much more.**Also, if you’re interested in history, Emily Post is the 19th cousin 2 times removed to Charles William Post, Founder of Post Cereals, and also, the person who my college was named after – C. W. Post University, now known as Long Island University!
    2. Erin Condren Wedding Planner – I adore Erin Condren. Her agenda’s are LIFE and her wedding planning books are so much more than than just a planner! It comes with custom stickers that say “I DO” “CELEBRATE” “IMPORTANT” and “REMINDER”. Throughout the planner, you will also see quotes that will light you up! I save these and frame them on my walls! It also had both the calendar view and the weekly view, and enough space for you to write notes, mark dates, make note of your rehearsal meal AND reception meals, the types of alcohol you will be having, a wedding planning timeline to follow etc.
    3. OH, SH*T JUST GOT REAL – Okay, sometimes wedding’s are so stressful that you just need to open up and let that humor fly in. This planner does an amazing job at having making you giggle, but the inside is all business! A ton of spreadsheets at your fingertips to fill in like mad libs! Because let’s be real, who doesn’t love filling in mad libs? You can write your ideas for theme, venue, colors, music, reception, etc. You can also fill in categories with budget, actual cost, and balance owed. It even has a wedding contact list for your vendors (Only thing I dislike is they don’t have Photographer written in… so you’ll have to write photographer in yourself. I recommend a pink sparkly gel pen so I stand out, because of course you’re booking me, right? :::wink wink::: ) But seriously, this is a cute planner and does the job if you’re too busy to make your own spreadsheets. it even has a ton of pages for your guest list, and blank lined pages for you to write all the notes your heart desires!
    4. Essentials Wedding Planner Stickers – Yes, I added stickers to the list haha. The reason why, is because sometimes you just want to play with stickers. You’re planning a wedding, and these are wedding themed! So yes, buy them, and have fun, because you’re allowed to have fun and these little things make us smile and ALSO, really do help stay organized! 
    5. Storied Weddings – This book is absolutely gorgeous. If you want to be swept away with emotions, and what kind of images you could have on your wedding day, then this is the book for you. Actually, if your child is getting married, if you aren’t getting married, or if you know someone who is getting married and just love weddings, then this is also the book for you. It looks nice on the coffee table, and had the content to blow anyone away between great typography and dreamy images, ya know and fabulous tips to help you on your way to planning your big day! 
    6. Wedding Planner & Journal Organizer – I know I have quite a few planners on here, but I am hoping you find one that meets your needs. This one is really special. It is not only beautiful, but it comes with 20 labels to propose to your wedding party, two wedding day cards for you and your fiance to write each other love notes (complete with envelopes), and even a guestbook section. It works as a nice gift and a keepsake of your wedding day. There is even a page about dresses and the cut of each neckline (sweetheart, scoop, illusion, off shoulder) and the skirt style as well (trumpet, a-line, tea-length, mermaid). 
    7. Equally Wed – There are so many books out there for planning weddings that are centered around the “bride and groom”. This book, of course has the to-do lists that every engaged couple needs, in addition to very important resources on how to handle certain challenges that an LGBTQ+- couple may face, like how to deal with less than supportive family members. 
    8. His & Her Vow Book – This is a very simple his & her vow book for your wedding day. These photograph so nicely, and it’s a lot better than holding a folded piece of paper. They are wonderful memories to look back on, and will easily slip right into your nightstand to re-read over and over again the words your husband/wife read to your on wedding day. 
    9. 3 Pc Rose Gold Diamond Pens – With so many things to write down, you should probably enjoy writing with this fancy diamond pen! Yes, there is a huge diamond on the end of the pen! I actually own these, and I’ve been married since 2013. No shame here, I love them! 
    10. A Great Party – One of the wedding planning books that you need to read, is this one right here! Bryan Rafanelli has been voted one of the best wedding planners in the world, by Vogue. He’s planned tons of events and weddings for high profile clients and is known for throwing parties that you will never forget! (Including Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and many events for President Obama!) Even if you don’t was a huge party, you will definitely pick up one or two things (or 10 or 20) from this book!


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Top Ten Tuesday – ‘Wedding Planning Books’. Subscribe to our mailing list and be sure to come back every Tuesday for more amazing Top Ten’s!


*Some of the links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.


Top Ten Tuesday

March 24, 2020

Wedding Planning Books

Bokeh Love Photography Top Ten Wedding Planning Books South Jersey Wedding Photographer

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Loran and Joe looked stunning in white and pink for their Johnsons Locust Hall Farm Engagement Session!

The sun was shining, the birds were out, and Johnsons Locust Hall Farm was in full bloom with sunflowers and peach trees! It was such a beautiful day and I could not be happier with the images! Loran and Joe are so in love, and you can tell just by the way they look at each other. I wish them nothing but love and success in both life and love! Loran and Joe, thank you for trusting me to capture your memories! Having a Johnsons Locust Hall Farm Engagement Session was SUCH a fantastic idea! I love this location!

If you are in South Jersey and are looking for a photographer for your engagement session, reach out to me today!

I highly recommend having a Johnsons Locust Hall Farm Engagement Session! (Don’t forget to buy some apple crumb pie! It’s delicious!)

Bokeh Love Photography, Johnsons Locust Hall Farm Engagement Session, South Jersey Engagement Photographer, South Jersey Wedding Photographer

Bokeh Love Photography, Johnsons Locust Hall Farm Engagement Session, South Jersey Engagement Photographer, South Jersey Wedding Photographer

Bokeh Love Photography, Johnsons Locust Hall Farm Engagement Session, South Jersey Engagement Photographer, South Jersey Wedding Photographer

August 4, 2017

Johnsons Locust Hall Farm Engagement Session


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David contacted me earlier in the week to chat about documenting his Congress Hall Marriage Proposal to his girlfriend, Amy. (Spoiler alert, she’s a fiance now!) David had a few really amazing ideas on how he would propose. At first it was going to be on the beach by the lighthouse, but the wind was a bit much. He decided to propose on the lawn at their hotel, Congress Hall. Which by the way, is one of the most amazing Hotel’s in Cape May! (Good choice, David!) He planned out their entire proposal, down to the champagne, ice bucket and flutes (even the chairs that faced the beach for a gorgeous sunset!) I heard it was a very nice bottle of champagne, but you should know that David is one of the world’s leading wine writers and just recently wrote a book titled, “But First, Champagne: A Modern Guide to the World’s Favorite Wine”. (Seriously, what a lucky lady to have a fiance that knows all about champagne and wine!)

As I waited for them to arrive, getting text updates from David, I did my best to hide in the bushes by the parking lot. Hotel guests were staring at me, as I am sure I looked… well… pretty shady standing in a parking lot, hiding behind bushes with a hoodie up and holding a giant piece of black metal (yep, it’s my “stalker lens” as I like to call it. Perfect for documenting proposals from far away and not being noticed!) (Although Amy told me later on, that she saw someone in the bushes with a camera… I think she knew all along this would be the day for a marriage proposal!)

Congress Hall was phenomenal, I met with Casika who unfortunately couldn’t wait to watch the proposal, but she was so excited that this was happening at their hotel! If you are even THINKING about it, stop thinking and do it, have a Congress Hall Marriage Proposal! They were so fantastic and helpful! Ask for Casika!

So, When it came time to pop the question, it was magical. David and Amy hugged and kissed, and all the love was there! I was secretly crying in the bushes because well, who wouldn’t!? When I told the hotel guests, I wasn’t some crazy person, I was documenting a proposal that would go down at approximately 6pm… of course they stayed to watch! Everyone loves a happy ending! After that, we went down to the beach to take some beautiful portraits to capture their happiness! It could not have been a better evening for a Congress Hall Marriage Proposal!

David and Amy, Congratulations on your engagement! I wish you both nothing but success in love and your future together! Thank you SO much for trusting me to capture such an intimate moment between the two of you!

Congress Hall Marriage Proposal Cape May, NJ Bokeh Love Photography
Congress Hall Marriage Proposal Cape May, NJ Bokeh Love Photography
Congress Hall Marriage Proposal Cape May, NJ Bokeh Love Photography


October 21, 2016

Congress Hall Marriage Proposal | Cape May, New Jersey | Amy & David

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I remember watching TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress and seeing Lauren, and hearing her story. I remember laughing and really enjoying the show! I also said out loud, “Call me!” hoping she would somehow find me on the internet, and book me for her wedding. She sounded like the kind of bride I would love to work with. Well, as it turned out, I received an email from her! Out of the blue, and she booked me! She loved me and I loved everything about the wedding she was describing! She told me her wedding would be at a church, where she dreamed of getting married in since she was a little girl. Our Lady Star of the Sea. She told me she would have an amazing party (and she totally did) at Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ. She told me how much she loved her fiance (now husband) and how perfect they are for each other. I developed a beautiful relationship with Lauren (we even share first AND middle names).

As I mentioned, Lauren was featured on Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. If you don’t recognize her, you could do a quick good search for “Say Yes to the Dress Classy Porn Star” or click here. You do have to purchase the episode since it’s been a few months since it’s aired, or if you own the dvd’s, etc. you could just watch it there. Anyway, to clue you in, Lauren wanted to look like a classy porn star, but all of the dresses she picked out looked like gorgeous ball gowns. She ended up with the dress she is wearing, and it doesn’t say classy porn star in my opinion, it says beautiful bride! Her wedding was also featured on another episode of Say Yes to the Dress, and you can find that by clicking here. It’s exciting because we get to relive her wedding at Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ, and you get to see some video from the day!

Lauren is the kind of girl who lights up a room, it’s no wonder that Anthony fell madly in love with her! Lauren’s smile is so contagious, I found myself laughing behind the camera. The emotions in the room made me cry, made me feel like I was right there in the moment along side of her. Maybe I was extra emotional because I was 6 months pregnant, haha but I am totally going to go with the fact that they are amazing people! Lauren & Anthony’s friends and family are so lucky to have them both in their lives, and they are lucky to have so many people that love them in their lives as well. I felt nothing but love and support in the room. And when it was time to party, wow. This is a crowd that knows how to party! We had the SnapBooth there, and boy did it get used! So many people in such a small space, but they made it work and wow it was a blast! I stopped in a few times and couldn’t believe how much fun everyone was having!

Congress Hall is seriously one amazing venue. Lauren and Anthony had their wedding while it was decorated for Christmas! It is a tradition of theirs that they always have photos taken by the Christmas tree. Well, they had one heck of a large Christmas tree to take a photo in front of! I love Christmas, and Congress Hall, does Christmas RIGHT! It’s a serious winter wonderland inside. Even the doormen dress like toy soldiers. It’s adorable. I can’t help but mention that the staff is beyond amazing. Everyone is so helpful and kind. Lauren and Anthony had their dream wedding here, and it was SO worth it! If you want to have a wedding here, I highly recommend it! It’s definitely a phenomenal place to party your night away!

Lauren and Anthony, I wish you nothing but love, success and prosperity in your future together! Thank you so much for trusting me, and allowing me to take part in your special day, and for sharing your memories with me! I will forever cherish you both in my hearts! xoxo

Cape Resorts – Cape May
Lady Star of the Sea – Cape May
Kleinfeld Bridal – NYC

Congress Hall Bokeh Love Photography
Congress Hall Bokeh Love Photography
Congress Hall Bokeh Love Photography

June 26, 2016

Congress Hall Wedding | Lauren + Anthony


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Alison and Greg had a Scotland Run Golf Club Wedding in Williamstown, NJ! The day could not be more beautiful for the two of them!

Scotland Run is one of my absolute favorite venus. Yes, I know, I say that about so many places, but lets be real here for one moment and talk about the luscious garden they have! Wow. Seriously, I just can’t contain my excitement for this place. It’s like a tropical oasis! It’s no wonder they chose this to be the place they tie the knot! It will forever have a magical place in their hearts.

To see their engagement session in Ocean City, NJ : CLICK HERE

Their day at Scotland Run started off, well, hot. It was a warm day but the sunshine was shining and I couldn’t be happier with these images! Alison looked breathtaking and her dress, that veil, those shoes! It was a photographers dream! She really did find the perfect dress and I am so honored to have been able to capture these memories for her.

If you have been thinking about where to get married and you are local to the area, or don’t mind going to Williamstown, NJ seriously check out having a Scotland Run Golf Club Wedding. The gardens are drop dead gorgeous and you will have the most amazing photos to share with your friends and family, and adorn your walls with!

Alison and Greg, I can’t thank you enough for trusting me with your special day, to capture these beautiful moments and share a glimpse of your lives with me. I am truly honored and love sharing these images with the world! xoxo

Scotland Run Golf Club Wedding
Scotland Run Golf Club Wedding
Scotland Run Golf Club Wedding


June 17, 2016

Scotland Run Golf Club Wedding | Alison + Greg

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