One of the first things I get asked after a session is booked, is “What should we wear!” Usually I point them in the direction of pinterest and tell them to start searching for style boards within that season. Sometimes it works out really well, and other times it leaves my clients dazed and confused. I’ve actually had clients show up with quite a few outfits in their car and ask me what they think. Instead of wasting time looking through clothing during a session, I try my very best to let them know what I think would work best for what they’re trying to achieve in their images. The decision to create my own style boards was out of pure frustration because I couldn’t find what I wanted to for my clients to look at. I wanted to put my own sense of style into it, and I wanted it to be branded with my logo, and some of my wording on it to let them know what I was thinking while I put the board together.

Tonight, I decided to look at Baby Gap, Gap Kids, Gap, and Banana Republic. All of these stores are linked together so when you look at them on the Internet, you can flip through each store. They’re also connected to Old Navy, Pepperlime, and Athleta. It’s such a user friendly website and I urge you to go check it out. What I liked about these stores is that I could make boards for babies, little kids, maternity AND engagement without having to do TOO much searching. The cloths are stylish and up to date, fun and funky, and simply adorable. Basically, I’m in love! Also, these things won’t break the bank. They’re perfectly affordable and will make your portraits look like you’ve had a professional stylist!

So without any more delay, check them out! Tell me what you think and if you like a store, and you want me to make some boards with my suggestions, please let me know! I will be more than happy to do so!


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June 5, 2014

What to wear to your session? | Bokeh Love Photography | Southern New Jersey Professional Photographer

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