Last month, I had the opportunity to document my cousin Danielle’s maternity session at a park near their house, Riverton Yacht Club! When they told me they wanted to have a Riverton Yacht Club Maternity Session, I was so excited, because this is where they had their first look for their wedding. Not only that, but this is the exact location where John had proposed to Danielle! It’s an understatement to say that this park holds great meaning to them. Toward the end of the images, you will see Danielle sitting down and John kissing her belly. That is the exact location where he proposed years ago, only instead of belly kisses, he was holding a ring. They call the tree “their tree”, and I don’t blame them one bit. I see many future picnics here with their soon to be new baby girl, Emma Grace!

*Update: Emma Grace has been born! I am so excited to meet her next week for her newborn session!

I am so excited for them and so honored that I was able to capture these memories for them. I hope they love the images just as much as I do!

The Riverton Yacht Club is gorgeous. We didn’t get to go up to the yacht club, but the grounds around it are so well maintained. John told me that the owners of the houses along this street actually own the lawns, and that the road that runs parallel to the river is a throughway that was put there by the homeowners years ago (I think I got that correct!) It’s such a historic little town and such a beautiful drive after work. The sunset is definitely swoon worthy! Emma Grace is one lucky little girl to be able to grow up in such a history rich down!

If you thought these images from the Riverton Yacht Club Maternity Session were amazing, and you want to have a session here of your own, please reach out to me! I am in love with this location!

Riverton Yacht Club Maternity Session, Bokeh Love Photography, Maternity Session, South Jersey Maternity Photographer
Riverton Yacht Club Maternity Session, Bokeh Love Photography, Maternity Session, South Jersey Maternity Photographer
Riverton Yacht Club Maternity Session, Bokeh Love Photography, Maternity Session, South Jersey Maternity Photographer


July 12, 2017

Danielle + John | Riverton Yacht Club Maternity Session

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Yey! You’re expecting! It’s time to start looking for a photographer! It’s best to schedule a lifestyle newborn session for within 1 week of your little one’s birth. Finding a photographer that you trust could take some time. So start now because finding the perfect photographer to capture beautiful memories for you and your family is so very important!

Today I had the honor of photographing the handsome Jayce Carmelo in his home for a Lifestyle Newborn Session. A Lifestyle Newborn Session is where you and baby are in the comfort of your own home, in your own environment and I come to create beautiful images for you.

A lifestyle newborn session is where I photograph them during their first week of life at home. This is a big adjustment period for all of you. You may not think about documenting these moments, however it is such a gift to have them years later to look back on. I may ask that you place them on the bed and then in their crib. You will be photographed holding your child and even changing their diaper.

Feeding your baby is so special.

It is one of those memories that we often overlook. Whether your baby is being breastfed or bottle fed, it’s a bonding moment. These moments are special and we shouldn’t just pass them by. The details are also an important part of these sessions. The way their crib looks and the ultra sound images that you have around the nursery won’t stay that way forever.

Having a professional come into your home and document these things for you with a fresh eye will help you start your little one’s legacy! As a result, you will be saving these moments for your children and what a lovely gift it is. It is definitely something they will be forever thankful for, year after year.

If you would like to schedule your Lifestyle Newborn Session, please send me an email before your baby is born, and we can figure out a plan for your session!

If you would like to have your baby’s birth photographed or a Fresh 48, we are available for hospital visits as well! Hospitals that we visit are below:
Atlantic Care, Mainland Campus in Pomona, NJ
Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point, NJ
*We are unable to photograph C-sections at this time, but are able to photograph natural delivery.

bokeh Love Photography, Lifestyle Newborn Session, Galloway newborn photographer, somers point newborn photographer
bokeh Love Photography, Lifestyle Newborn Session, Galloway newborn photographer, somers point newborn photographer

May 17, 2017

Lifestyle Newborn Session | Egg Harbor City, NJ

bokeh Love Photography, Lifestyle Newborn Session, Galloway newborn photographer, somers point newborn photographer


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Portraits are my favorite, especially when they’re a Batsto Village Maternity Session! Batsto Village is one of those hidden gems that is always perfect for portraits located right in Hammonton, NJ! I love the old buildings, the wood fences, the dirt roads and grass fields! Any color that you wear will pop against the neutral tones of the village. Maternity sessions are so special. This is a time in your life where you want it documented, remembered, and preserved because it means more to you than the world.

Having a Batsto Village maternity session is such a great idea. It’s located in Wharton State Forest in New Jersey. On the other side of the village there are beautiful hiking trails, but my heart in truly in love with the village. It’s like falling back in time, and seeing how people lived, how they worked, and provided for their families. It’s deep in history, so make a day of it! If it’s open, stop by the visitors center and check it out!

I had such a great time photographing Tara and Joe! They’re so happy and exited to meet their little bundle of joy! Tara had a few outfit changes and I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked in each outfit! Pregnancy certainly looks amazing on her! These are photos going to be cherished so much looking back and remembering how it felt to have their little inside. They’re both glowing!

Enjoy the photos from this gorgeous Batsto Village maternity session, and if you are planning on having maternity portraits taken, please email:

batsto village maternity session
batsto village maternity session


March 16, 2015

Batsto Village Maternity Session | Tara + Joe

Batsto Village Maternity Session, Bokeh Love Photography, Hammonton, NJ

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There is something about being pregnant, that sets you aside from reality. You are in your own world. You feel this overwhelming joy for love. To fall in love with someone you have never met, is the best feeling in the world. I had the honor of capturing the beginning of their legacy, the start of their journey, the little life that is growing inside that is going to bring more joy than they could have ever imagined. It was peaceful and quiet. It was romantic and beautiful. It was real. It was a beautiful day filled with purple flowers, horse farms, wide open roads and fun. They were themselves and totally wrapped up in the moment. This is exactly how a maternity session should be.

Brandon and Alaina are not just regular clients, but my family. Brandon, my nephew is so excited and I am so overjoyed that he chose Alaina to create a beautiful baby boy with. Baby Brandon will be here very soon and I can’t wait to welcome him to this new world! They’re going to be amazing parents!

Take a look at this amazing journey we went on yesterday, and if you’re pregnant and looking for maternity portraits, please contact me and let’s set your session up!!!


June 28, 2014



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