It’s not everyday you get to take pictures in a place that you grew up! I love Patiot Park, however it wasn’t always called that. When I was a kid, we called it the “The Municipal Complex” or, as us kids referred to it as – “The Pit”. Thats right. It was a giant hole. We were told it would be an ice skating rink one day. That idea obviouslly fell through, but today its beautiful. There is a gorgeous lake that is stocked with fish for families to come together and do some relaxing, kick back and teach your kids how to fish. It’s a beautiful place with benches to honor your loved ones who have passed. They even have a K9 memorial, which always takes my breath away. Not only that, but the playground is right there, and back in my day (dusts the shoulder off) it was a WOOD playground. Now it’s really awesome, has super bright colors, it’s just a greay place for family!

So on this particular day, I got to photo a beautiful family, (with a super smart Mom!) Yep, she was the winner in my “Guess what is it contest!”. I shot a ring on something that noone could guess! I had guesses like an ice cube, a water filled zip lock bag. Nope – all wrong. She was the ONLY one who guessed a gazing ball! So, she got a free session!

So here it is! She has SUCH a perfect family! Enjoy!


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July 7, 2014

Barker Family | June 25, 2014 | Patriot Part | Galloway, New Jersey | Bokeh Love Photography | Galloway Professional Photographer

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