Wedding Venues in Atlantic County, I have my favorites! Below is a list of my Top 10 Wedding Venues in Atlantic County and why I love each one.

10. The Funny Farm Rescue& Sanctuary in Mays Landing, NJ

Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary has created a home for unwanted farm animals, domesticated animals and animals with special needs to live out their natural lives. They also have the most amazing barn, for those wanting to celebrate their wedding or other event with them. They are a private 501(c)(3) Charity, and do not receive any type of federal or state funding. So having your event here helps the farm!  Check them out here: The Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary.

The Funny Farm Rescue& Sanctuary, Bokeh Love Photography, top 10 wedding venues in Atlantic county

9. Docks Oyster House in Atlantic City, NJ

One of my favorite venues is Dock’s Oyster House! Open since 1897in Atlantic City and still going! You may not think of it as a wedding venue, but they have an upstairs area that fits a small wedding reception perfectly! And the food is BEYOND DELICIOUS! You can check them out here: Dock’s Oyster House.

8. The Kathedral Event Center in Hammonton, NJ

A new up and coming mid-century, LGBTQ+  Family Owned masterpiece and hotspot, formally a church has been outfitted to meet your every need! This venue is by far the coolest I have ever seen! The built in sound system and the lighting is phenomenal. The Martinn, which is their attaches hotel has been designed perfectly with getting ready in mind. The Kathedral is perfect for any event looking to create their own show stopping wedding (or event)! I was blown away by the detail in the hotel room which made for amazing getting ready photos with the Bride in front of the most gorgeous baroque mirror I have ever laid my eyes on! Simply stunning and highly recommended! You can check them out here: The Katherdral Event Center. 

Bokeh Love Photography, The Kathedral Hammonton NJ, top 10 wedding venues in atlantic county

7. Linwood Country Club in Linwood, NJ

A truly unique setting, Linwood County Club, established in 1920 has been the site of many special events for over a century. They have a rich history, that has been enhanced over the years with the most amazing renovations that really set this venue apart from others in this area. They have a dramatic entry foyer and the most luxurious bridal suite I have ever laid my eyes on. Their freshly remodeled coasted chic ballroom can host 300 guests and the wall of glass windows actually folds open to create a stunning open air transition to the tented patio area! Their golf course is perfectly manicured and you can see the gorgeous view of the Atlantic City skyline, perfect for portraits! Check them out here: Linwood Country Club. 

6. Blue Heron Pines Golf Club in Egg Harbor City, NJ

A beautiful golf course by Ron Jaworski Golf and Ron Jaworski Weddings is such an amazing venue. The kind staff and gorgeous grounds makes for the perfect setting for your wedding! The beautiful white beams on the ceilings and floor to ceiling windows allow the light to kiss every square foot of the reception room. At night you can enjoy fire pits on the patio and view the most gorgeous sunset over the golf course! You can check them out here: Blue Heron Pines.

Top 10 wedding venues in Atlantic county, Blue heron Pines, Bokeh Love Photography

5. The Carriage house in Galloway, NJ

“Where Dreams Become Reality” as stated on their website, is 100% fact! Approaching The Carriage House, you are greeted by large southern pillars, gorgeous landscaping and a glorious lake with a fountain. Huge black shutters line every window. The symmetry is a photographers dream, and the entire venue is everything any couple could have ever wished for. From the fairytale staircase, to the huge 2nd story balcony, the magnificent getting ready suites to the decadent food, you will be in awe the moment you enter this lovely space. You can check them out here: The Carriage House. 


4. The Seaview, A Dolce Hotel in Galloway, NJ

“A Tradition of Golf & Gracious Hospitality” described The Seaview to a Tee! They have hosted golf champions, presidents, rock stars for over a century. They are minutes to Atlantic City. You can drive a golf cart to Reeds Bay overlooking Atlantic City for some beautiful wedding portraits. They are quietly tucked away on 670 scenic acres. Their ballrooms are stunning, the staff is lovely, and you will be blown away by the lush grounds and award winning cuisine! You can check them out here: The Seaview, A Dolce Hotel. 

Top 10 wedding venues in Atlantic county, The Seaview, A Dolce Hotel, Bokeh Love Photography

3. Atlantic City Country Club in Northfield, NJ

One of the most magnificent wedding venues in Atlantic County, The ACCC is nothing short of spectacular! They have a stunning skydeck, delicious culinary delights and an extraordinary staff! Their ivy wall is picture perfect. And the Atlantic City Skyline is quite the treat! They maintain a tradition of excellence that has spanned over 120 years! I love photographing weddings there and can not wait to visit again! Check them out here: Atlantic City Country Club. 

2. The Smithville Inn in Smithville, NJ

Accommodating up to 170 guests, with beautiful views of Lake Meone and the perfect spot to catch the golden glow of the sun setting over the treetops, this venue is one of my favorite. The rustic interior, beautiful gardens and cobblestone paths really bring this location to life. Check them out here: The Smithville Inn.

Top 10 wedding venues in Atlantic county, The Smithville Inn, Bokeh Love Photography

1. Renault Winery in Egg Harbor City, NJ

Beauty at every turn! Renault is one of those places that speaks to you. I had my bachelorette brunch here in 2014. I’ve come here as a kid. I’ve brought my own children here. And I continue to enjoy Renault as a wedding photographer today. Every time I visit, I find a new special spot for my couples,  near a tree or around the corner at a hidden doorway. I’ve even found a hidden mickey on the golf course! It is definitely my favorite venue and earns it’s spot on the Top 10 Wedding Venues in Atlantic County! I look forward to visiting here weekend after weekend! Check them out here: Renault Winery. 

Bokeh Love Photography, Renault Winery

Bokeh Love Photography, Renault Winery

Bokeh Love Photography, Renault Winery

Bokeh Love Photography, Renault Winery




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April 4, 2022

Top 10 Wedding Venues in Atlantic County

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Last week, I photographed a romantic Tuckerton Engagement Session! I remember when I met with Rachael when she first started planning her wedding. She said her amazing fiance, Chris is letting her do whatever she wants for their wedding! When I hear words like that, I just KNOW that he’s a good guy! I didn’t meet him until the session, but from all of the amazing things Rachael had said about him, he had to be amazing! Well, as you can see from the images below, Chris makes Rachael laugh, all the time! So far, he’s got two amazing qualities of a perfect husband! Rachael and Chris are so in love, and it definitely shows. Throughout the entire session, I just kept thinking about how much fun their wedding will be next year! From the very beginning, I knew I would love them, and I was so right! We went back and forth trying to plan the most amazing engagement session. Rachael wanted beach, but then I found out that Chris owned a boat. So, it was clear that we had to take a few photos on the boat! Earlier that day Chris had gone crabbing, and it was our luck that we found a baby crab on the beach! I had to put it in Rachael’s hand, and she probably cursed me the entire ride home for doing it, but that photos though! It tells the story of their life, and these are beautiful memories that they will be able to tell for the rest of their lives. I also had them write before hand, letters to each other, on why they fell in love with one another. I have to say, I was laughing and tearing up behind the camera. They are the perfect combination of love and laughter, and let me tell you, that is the kind of relationship you want to have, because you can grow old with each other, in this beautiful life, and keep each other happy until the very end! Side by side, partners in crime, it’s the best combination of marriage and friendship.

Rachael and Chris, thank you so much for taking me along on your Tuckerton Engagement Session! I am SO excited for your wedding at the Carriage House next year! You are going to make a stunning bride and one handsome groom!

To book your Tuckerton Engagement Session, email me today!

Bokeh Love Photography Tuckerton Engagement Session Best NJ Photographer
Bokeh Love Photography Tuckerton Engagement Session Best NJ Photographer
Bokeh Love Photography Tuckerton Engagement Session Best NJ Photographer

June 16, 2017

Rachael + Chris | Tuckerton Engagement Session


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