Pump House Styled Shoot! I love styled shoots.  I simply adore them. When I heard about the Pump House styled shoot, I just had to attend. It was being put on by Seneca Photography (now Seneca Ryan Co.) and Bridal Salon. She is not only a dear friend but an amazing photographer who just so happens to own a gorgeous dress shop! I knew it would be an amazing experience! I drove quite a distance to get there, but I think it was totally worth it!

Everything at the Pump House styled shoot was done perfectly! From the gorgeous invitations to the flowers and small details like the seating chart, the dresses, even the cake! Oh man, the cake! It was a dream. If you’re going to get married here, you need to check out these vendors! They did an excellent job, and I would trust them with my wedding day, ya know, if I were to do it all over again 😉

Styled shoots motivate me to be more creative, and to jump outside of the box. These are amazing practice, even in the busy season. Maybe there is a new style you want to explore, like for me, I don’t get many industrial barn weddings, or tattooed brides. Its so much fun, and I really enjoyed myself! I would say this Pump House styled shoot gave me motivation to do my own styled shoot in the near future! Keep an eye out for that! But enoug of me, you want to jump right to these amazing photos right? I thought so! ENJOY!

Bokeh Love Photography, Pump House Styled Shoot, Bloomsburg, PA
Bokeh Love Photography, Pump House Styled Shoot, Bloomsburg, PA
Bokeh Love Photography, Pump House Styled Shoot, Bloomsburg, PA


Photography: Bokeh Love Photography
Venue: Pump House
Flowers: Fox Hill Farm
Invitations/Paper Goods: Just Be.
Groomsmen Gifts: Welcome Bag Shoppe & Lifetime Leather Co
Dresses & Tuxedos: Seneca’s Bridal & Dress Boutique
Vintage Rentals & Styling: Forget Me Not Vintage Rentals Inc.
Makeup: Erica Bolthouse
Hair: Heather Philbin
Cake: Bella’s Bliss Bakery
Jewelry: Nespoli Jewelers
Gold tattoos: MadeByTattooYou
Paper Straws: Twigs and Twirls LLC

Styled Shoot

July 27, 2015


Bokeh Love Photography, Pump House Styled Shoot, Bloomsburg, PA

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We adore winter weddings, and snow in general. Egg Harbor City is my home away from home. We love to shoot all over this town, including their very own wedding venue, Blue Heron Pines! In fact, we are on their preferred vendors list! Their weeping willow is one of our favorite aspects to their venue, among other things their staff is absolutely priceless! They’re kind and always accommodating! If you are looking for an Egg Harbor City photographer for your upcoming wedding, please reach out to me today at 

I wanted to do a styled shoot in the snow, and when I heard we would be getting some snow, I ran to my closet to check the size of the dress I had purchased earlier this year. It was a thrift store find. A lot of beautiful dresses are worn once, and either tossed to the side of a closet, given away or sold to regain some money back after its use. Being a resourceful photographer, I often find myself looking into thrift stores to find some hidden treasures. Months ago, as I was skipping down the dress aisle (yes, I’m serious) I saw this dusty rose gown staring at me. It wasn’t just a prom dress, or an evening gown. This was a pink, taffeta wedding dress! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The size said 16, but there was no way it could be a 16. Whoever had this dress obviously had it fitted to their body. So, as you know how difficult it is to find someone to fit a dress that has been taken in, it just sat in my closet. I began imagining all of the different styled shoots I could come up with centered around this dress. Would it be a trash the dress? Would it be a bunch of roses? Never did I think of snow!

In two days, I was able to find a bride for the dress, a florist to make a bouquet (Karen Fowler Floral Design), and scout out some amazing locations. Believe it or not, finding a tree lined road, AND Christmas tree’s is a bit tricky. Thankfully, I’ve got some secret locations up my sleeve! Of course I had to add some personal touches as well (my wedding shoes that survived my house fire, my crystal champagne flutes that I bought for boudoir sessions, and the Bride even brought along her Grandmothers fur coat!)

This was going to be EPIC! Not only did it snow, but also it was a perfect day to shoot. We had nice, even lighting and of course my amazing assistant, my hubbs helped drive us around in his truck, and toss some snow on the Bride! Special thanks to him, and Theresa from Forever Sunshine Photography (Yes, she’s a photographer!) and Karen of Karen Fowler Floral Design!!! Check them both out and show them some love! Thanks Ladies!!!

Oh, and PS – As it turned out, the dress was a size 8!!!!!

I can’t wait to chat with you about your upcoming special day, and be your Egg Harbor City Photographer!


Dress: Good Will
Flowers: Karen Fowler Floral Design
Model: Theresa Michele of Forever Sunshine Photography
Shoes: Blue by Betsey Jognson Wish Platform Pumps
Champagne Flutes: Waterford Crystal
Fur under shoes/Champagne flutes: Nicole Miller Home Faux Fur Throw
Fur Coat: Model’s Grandmothers
Hair & Makeup: Model

February 4, 2015


Styled Shoot

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Silhouettes are something that I have come to be basically obsessed with. At the end of each sunset session, I try my best to grab a sunset photo for my clients. They are my absolute favorite. There is something about taking that moment to just stand still with the ones you love and take in what is happening. It’s calm, it’s relaxing, and I even show you on the back of my camera what we just did! It’s more than just art, it’s an experience, and it’s a favorite of mine, and everyone who has gotten one done!

I am going to make this my own personal goal, that at the weddings I go to I make sure to get these shots. Every photographer challengages themselve in one way or another, and I love to challenge myself with new and exciting ways to make seriously epic photos! So check these out, and if you’re a current bride of mine, you will definitly be getting these shots!



July 15, 2014

Silhouettes | Galloway, New Jersey | Bokeh Love Photography | Southern New Jersey Professional Photographer

galloway professional photographer, galloway, new jersey, new jersey professional photographer, silhouettes, silhouette, weddings, portraits, sunset

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I am SO excited about this summer’s boudoir marathon! Back in January we had an amazing marathon at the Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City. I went ahead and got a suite for the night and it was PERFECT! Having the extra space to get hair and makeup done, while keeping the bed area clean and uncluttered for photos was amazing! Now, it’s summertime and what a better idea than to have a boudoir session at one of the most amazing suites ever? If you don’t know about the House of Blues Suite you are truly missing out! It’s pretty pricey but totally worth it! It has a very eclectic feel and its just perfect for a boudoir marathon! We will have pink champagne, munchies, girly music and a lot of fun! I can’t wait, it’s only in a few weeks, but its going to be EPIC!

If you’ve thought about having a boudoir session done, THIS is the time to do it! I only offer these two times a year (one winter, and one summer)!

They make the PERFECT gift for your husband, boyfriend, fiancé, or partner! (Even if you’re single, they’re super empowering and an super fun night out with friends!)

To book, email

Bokeh Love Photography


June 30, 2014


Bokeh Love Photography THE BOMBSHELL BOUDOIR MARATHON, Atlantic City, New Jersey


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A huge part of why I am a successful wedding photographer is because I LOVE what I do. The rest of it, it from studying in a dark room, learning my camera, and connecting with fellow photographers. I love this industry that I am in. I can’t say that enough. The people I have run into and made friends with is one of my favorite aspects of it. I meet tons of vendors from cake designers to event planners. Today, I decided that I wanted to share a vendor with you all. This vendor is a friend and one heck of a florist! Her name is Karen, and she is the owner of Karen Fowler Floral Design. She is based out of Cape May, New Jersey and has her own studio. All of her flowers are special ordered from all over the world and during the summer months she also uses flowers grown locally!

BLP: Hi Karen! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I’d love to ask you some questions about your business. Let’s start with what year you became a florist?
KFFD: I started in January 1999 at a small flower shop in Philadelphia
BLP: Wow that’s wonderful! When was Karen fowler floral design established? 
KFFD: It was established in 2012.
BLP: What made you want to open your own studio?
KFFD: I wanted to be part of the brides special day … I wanted the ability to get to know them personally instead of just From a file that someone handed me at work
BLP: I love that, being personal is so important.
KFFD: Yes it is!! I love adding my special touch after getting to know them
BLP: This year I am seeing a lot of pink ombré dresses on Pinterest, is that something that you’re seeing with flowers? Pinks and whites?
KFFD: Yes and no … I’m seeing a lot of vintage everything pinks peaches silvers gold’s whites
BLP: Do you have any projections for what will be “in” for 2015?
KFFD: If its anything like this summer is going to be than it will be amazing!! I’m booked full most weekends until October
BLP: That’s fabulous! Also this year you won Best of The Knot, didn’t you? How has that helped your business?
KFFD: It has made it crazy good!!! People love that fact!
BLP: It’s definitely an honor to be proud of! Now you are engaged yourself, will you be designing your own bouquet and wedding flowers?
KFFD: Omg yes!! I have dreamed for years about my own wedding I will be having two different bouquets one for the ceremony and one for the reception
BLP: That’s amazing! I’ve never even thought about that!

KFFD: For my cousins wedding she did all white bouquet for her ceremony and she told me she was walking into her reception to “walking on sunshine ” and I made her a all yellow bouquet with roses and sunflowers and a brooch that said candy corn rocks! It was a fall wedding and loved candy corn, again personal touches; I love to do when getting to know my brides!
BLP: That is so creative! I bet you have a lot of fun with each bouquet you design because they are all so different! Being a wedding photographer that has also been married, allows me to reach my brides on that level of understanding. How is planning your own wedding, helping you with your current brides?
KFFD: I completely understand all there struggles now! I understand their budget more now! I know it’s all very expensive! Every vendo, I can sympathize more now
BLP: Same here! Can you tell us how Brides can reach you, see your work on the internet, etc.? I’d love to share your work with them!
I’m on Facebook:
Cell Phone: (call or text): 609.334.3568
BLP: One more question before I go, what is YOUR favorite bridal flower for 2014?
KFFD: Ranunculus!

(image provided by Karen Folwer Floral Design)

BLP: They are gorgeous!!! Thank you SO MUCH for your time, Karen! I wish you best of luck in the 2014 AND 2015 wedding season!

Karen Fowler Floral Design is such an amazing business and I couldn’t reccomend her more! She is definitly someone who makes you laugh, helps you create your vision, and becomes your friend throughout the process! Here are a few photos of flowers that Karen did while collaborating together on a styled bridal shoot! Karen’s work speaks for itself and definitely stands out! These bouquets were definitely jaw droppers! I cannot wait to work with Karen again and see what her imagination comes up with! She – is – FABULOUS!

Bokeh Love Photography

Bokeh Love Photography

Bokeh Love Photography

Bokeh Love Photography

Bokeh Love Photography

Bokeh Love Photography

Bokeh Love Photography

Bokeh Love Photography

Bokeh Love Photography

Bokeh Love Photography



May 9, 2014

Interview with Karen Fowler Floral Design | Weddings | Florist | Cape May, New Jersey | Bokeh Love Photography | Cape May Professional Photographer

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