Planning a wedding in 2021? The game has seriously changed! I have compiled an amazing list of Wedding planning tips for 2021 to help you get started or continue planning your wedding with ease! This is a list of MY personal favorite sites, stores and blogs; from publishers and companies like Harpers Bazaar, Ceci NY, Figgie Shoes, or the Mrs Box and The Black Tux!

Bokeh Love Photography Top Ten Wedding Planning Tip for 2021
If I could plan my wedding all over again, I totally would do so many things differently. This list is compiled of all of my favorite things. I hope you love it, as much as I do and I hope it helps you to plan your dream wedding!

SO HERE IT IS! The BLP Top 10: Wedding Planning Tips for 2021

  1. Ceci NY: Invitations – I have been following Ceci NY since they first emerged around 2006. I absolutely loved how they were a small startup invitation company who incorporated letterpress into their workflow. They create absolutely beautiful designs, and are now a huge name in the wedding industry based on out New York. A female owned and operated business also makes me adore them! Check them out here, and make sure your invitations are show stoppers! You won’t be disappointed! *Also, you can order a sample pack here: Sample PackCeci NY Website Screenshot, Wedding planning tips for 2021

  2. The Black Tux: Grooms Attire – Let me first start off by saying that this company is the best rental service for men’s wedding day attire that I have ever seen. I have photographed many grooms, and their details, and this one is the best! When I walk in and see a Black Tux box waiting for me, I know it’s going to be an amazing day! I have also partnered with them, so of course I love them, but I would not have partnered with a company that I didn’t absolutely love. If you want to have the very best service, reach out to them via this email, tell them that Lauren from Bokeh Love Photography sent you, let them know your wedding date and they will take amazing care of you! Also, feel free to browse their site! TheBlackTux.comThe Black Tux

  3. The Mrs. Box: Details– Let’s talk about heirlooms, or as their website says, “Modern Heirlooms”. These little boxes are more than just boxes. They will set the mood of your wedding day. Your rings being photographed in these beauties while you’re getting ready. It’s a photographers dream! You can get them in 44 different colors. They’re velvety perfection will just melt in your hand! Imagine the detail shots! You will want to frame these images all over your walls! The Mrs Box

  4. Figgie Shoes: Attire – I have been in love with these shoes from the first time I laid eyes on them. As an artist myself, I can really appreciate these. They aren’t just shoes, they’re a work of art! Brides always want their shoes to be a statement, and this is for sure the best statement because they will be custom designed to match exactly what you are looking for! FiggieShoes.comFiggie Shoes

  5. Riley & Gray: Wedding Websites – If you are looking to have a wedding website, but don’t quite fit in with the boring templates that those chain wedding websites have to offer, then check out Riley & Gray. You can design a free wedding website, but you can also purchase a plan as well. They have wedding websites for design-forward couples. “Enjoy an editorial experience with limited-edition wedding website templates created by the same digital tastemakers from brands like the New York Times, Marie Claire, Glossier, and Condé Nast.” Whatever you want, Riley & Gray can do for you. Riley & Gray

  6. Nearly Newlywed: Brides Attire – If you want a designer wedding dress, but don’t feel like spending full price on your gown, there is no shame is getting a previously owned gown. Wedding dresses are only worn once, cleaned and preserved. Sometimes, you may not want to keep it, or really just want to recoup what you’ve spent. Nearly Newlywed is an amazing site that allows you to both sell and purchase wedding gowns at a percent of the price that was originally spent. Check them out to see what they offer, and maybe you’ll be listing your dress here as well! nearlynewlywed.comNearly Newlywed

  7. Bazaar Bride: Planning Resource – An exclusive membership brought to you by Harpers Bazaar, for the newly engaged. It is the most fashionable bride resource on the internet. You will find wedding inspiration & advice, discounts up to $25,000 in savings, 1 on 1 consultations, video series with Vera Wang, and more! Bazaar Bride Membership Bazaar Bride

  8. BHLDN:Bride Attire– A dress boutique by Anthropologie that offers absolutely stunning bridal gowns, bridesmaid/bridal party dresses, mother of the bride dresses, shoes & accessories, decor, gifts and more! These dresses are reasonably priced, unique and absolutely stunning! Check them out:

  9. The Modern Bride: Delicate Details – If you are looking for beautiful, and delicate jewelry to adorn your skin on the most amazing day of your life, then take a look at The Modern Bride. In addition to jewelry, they also offer lingerie, belts, and more. I would stay clear of trying to purchase a dress here though because they are based in Canada, and unless you want to go on a road trip, this may be a pretty far drive for a dress. tmodernbride.comThe Modern Bride

  10. Etsy: Wellness Favors – Right now, Wellness Favors are trending on Etsy for custom bath soaps, bath salts, candles, oils and more. Not only are they a great thank you gift that can actually be used and isn’t clutter, it’s also super cute and thoughtful. Check out this page to see some really nice bath salt favors in glass jars: Etsy Bath SaltsEtsy Bath Salts


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Top Ten Tuesday

March 10, 2020

Wedding planning tips for 2021

Ceci NY Website Screenshot

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I am a South Jersey Portrait Photographer. It’s what I do. It’s what I love. I am so lucky that my children love to get in front of the camera for whatever reason. This portrait session however, had an AMAZING reason. My daughter won a trophy. Yep! I think that deserves a photo session!

My daughter is an Irish Dancer. She makes me so proud. This past weekend, she attended a WIDA (World Irish Dance Association) Feis where she placed 1st place in the beginner premiership category. I was shocked, not because I didn’t think she could do it, but because she never had and this whole experience is new for us. Her teacher, Miss Kate is phenomenal. She is by far the best dance teacher I have ever met. She is passionate about dance, kind to all of the children, and she teaches them respect, structure, and everything they need to know to be good competitors. Even if they do not win, they are proud to be there, and all of the parents are proud that they tried and had fun! At the end of the day, it’s about having fun and enjoying what you’re doing! If you’d like to check out the school, and see if your son or daughter would like to become an Irish Dancer, here is the website:

It was a proud moment for me as Mom to see my daughter in just as much shock as me when she realized she had won first place. Tears were flowing from my eyes, and all of her friends and their families were cheering her on! My little irish dancer is moving on up. I am happy for her that she’s found something she is passionate about, and I can’t wait to see where this takes us! I can’t wait to take more photos of her winning and achieving new things! Good thing I am a South Jersey Portrait Photographer! I can easily take her portraits whenever she does something great!

Tonight we got the news that she will be moving up to hard shoe! (That’s the dance where they make a lot of noise when their feet hit the floor, during the jig) She took this news as basically hitting the lottery. She has wanted to make noise since she first saw the irish dance assembly at her school. I am so looking forward to her growing and loving every moment!

Of course, I just had to take portraits of her displaying her trophy proudly! (And if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see her puppy Princess Fiona just had to get in on the fun!)

If you are in the South Jersey area, or visiting and you are looking for a South Jersey Portrait Photographer, reach out to me to schedule your session! I look forward to meeting you!

South Jersey Portrait Photographer, Irish Dance Photographer, Bokeh Love Photography, Irish Dance Portraits, New Jersey Portrait Photographer
South Jersey Portrait Photographer, Irish Dance Photographer, Bokeh Love Photography, Irish Dance Portraits, New Jersey Portrait Photographer
South Jersey Portrait Photographer, Irish Dance Photographer, Bokeh Love Photography, Irish Dance Portraits, New Jersey Portrait Photographer

July 19, 2017

Irish Dance Photography | South Jersey Portrait Photographer

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